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PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

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9 hours ago, daniel anderson400 said:

Same thing with the NCAA Tournament. CBS had the games to themselves, you got the afternoon games then the news/syndicated fare, then the evening games at 7:30. Now if you were in the area that got the 5:00 west coast game, then you got a fifth game, since that game preempted the news/syndicated stuff. This was also where CBS put The Price Is Right back then. I think if NBC did the Olympics the way that CBS/Turner do the NCAA playoffs, you might get more viewers that way. I don't think need to make priemtime a big deal, if you did cable coverage of the bigger events live, then a primetime replay. Tokyo would be a good Olympics to do that, since the markets don't open till 9:30 our time, and there isn't much news going on overnight here in the states.

I've said before that the Olympics are a lot like the NCAA Tournament in that there's a lot of action going on at any given time.  But that's where the similarities end.

So how exactly could NBC get more viewers?  What does CBS/Turner do that NBC is supposed to replicate?  That seems like a really vague concept to me.  Does NBC not have nearly all-day coverage across multiple networks?  Of course they do.  Don't ignore that.  Easy enough for CBS and Turner to set the schedule for the tournament to accommodate what's ideal for TV purposes (and if you think the afternoon games do as well ratings-wise as the night games, you would be wrong).  Not so easy for an Olympics held on the other side of the planet when NBC can only do so much to manipulate the schedule.

More than that.. the goal isn't go get the most viewers.  The goal is to generate the most revenue.  Those would seem to go hand in hand, but not necessarily.  Not all viewers are the same.  Advertisers pay money for commercials in the evening than they do in the afternoon because they know a bigger potential audience is there.  So as soon as you say the words "primetime replay," advertisers aren't going to pay top dollar for that.  You want more viewers?  Don't take the most valuable real estate in television and offer up reruns.  That is incredibly short-sighted and a recipe for disaster.  Or did you forget that primetime here in the States is during the daytime in Asia and therefor offers up an opportunity for live coverage?  And besides, CBS/Turner don't do the NCAA Tournament with primetime replays, so how is that comparable to what you're asking NBC to do?

Like I said earlier, I do agree that NBC maybe needs to move away from where they're trying to drive everyone to primetime.  But that's still where the big money and the largest viewership is.  That's why NBC got the IOC to move figure skating from Pyeongchang to the morning there so it can be shown live in primetime here.  What NBC did with Sochi - showing figure skating on cable and then replaying it in the evening - was something of a necessary evil, but also to help them sell a then relatively young cable network.  That's not going to work here.  I don't know how NBC will handle the time difference here and events that are happening overnight.  In looking at the competition schedule, it's likely going to be a mess.  What you are suggesting though, you haven't thought it through.  It's not going to lead NBC to bring in more viewers.  And it is most certainly not going to generate more ad revenue.

1 other thing since you mentioned the tournament.. Why So Few People Watched the Best NCAA Basketball Championship Game Ever

Certain viewing habits and trends are still more predictable than you realize.  More people will see an event on a broadcast network than they will on a cable network and the gap isn't even close.  More people are watching TV in primetime than during the afternoon.  It's these types of trends that allow NBC to do what they do, call it successful, and claim a profit from it.  Again, do they need to evolve their product (which they absolutely have over the years) for the new age of media?  Sure they do.  But this is a really vapid argument you're offering up here and it doesn't come from a place where you're thinking like someone who has the best interests of a TV network or a business in mind.

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Uh oh...:unsure:



Tillerson warns North Korea: ‘Strategic patience has ended,’ military action is ‘on the table’

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U.S. is leaving the possibility of military force against North Korea “on the table” if the Hermit Kingdom poses enough of a threat with its nuclear weapons program.

Tillerson made the comments to reporters Friday in Seoul, South Korea, signaling to the world a “new range of diplomatic, security and economic measures,” according to the Hill.

“If they elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action, that option is on the table,” Tillerson said of possibly U.S. military intervention. “Let me be very clear: The policy of strategic patience has ended.”

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, “strategic patience” is the policy applied toward North Korea by former President Barack Obama’s administration. The approach came after Obama tried unsuccessfully to engage in direct negotiations with North Korea.

“Obviously, if North Korea takes actions that threaten the South Korean forces or our own forces, then that would be met with an appropriate response,” Tillerson explained, according to NBC News.

As of late, North Korea has flexed its nuclear capability muscle by testing several different missiles, one of which was launched as President Donald Trump welcomed  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, the leader of North Korea’s neighbor, to the U.S.

Around 49,000 U.S. troops were stationed in Japan last year while another 28,000 were stationed in South Korea, CNN reported.

Meanwhile it seems China is turning their backs on NK as well. 

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That link Quaker added in his last post here surely has to be a reason why CBS did not want any Final Four Team Streaming on TNT and TruTV  as cable companions on the TV side. For those who don't know, especially overseas, is the Turner networks under the current CBS-Turner Sports multiyear deal would allow the Final Four games be called on two specific calls by the participating teams on the those cable networks using the same feed along with the unbiased national one on CBS/WTBS. Will return next year when WTBS (I still call it that) takes over again the national Final Four broadcasts.

Anyhoo, from the Eurosport side of things it's now just starting to develop Olympic interactive online vids and social content like how Olympic legends compare with each other like on the track. More importantly, it plans to sell online ad space and, based from the looks of what's said here, there could be distinctions in the coverage throughout 30 local online editions with its own sportscasters for the 50 European nations and territories not named Russia instead of just being pan-European:


Magdalena Forsberg leaves SVT for the Swedish edition of Eurosport and it Swedish sister FTA channels Kanal 5 and 9 that also has Peter Forsberg, Anja Paerson, and Per Elofsson to analyze biathlon in time for Pyeongchang. The Discovery Networks Sweden side promises to have the most TV hours of the Winter Olympics in Swedish TV history with its stable. Bigger than what the MTG/Viasat channels did for Sochi? That certainly seemed like a lot there:



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Eurosport's own Pyeongchang 2018 broadcast brand logo unvieled as its first for Eurosport's Olympic coverage, patterned after what NBC and CTV have done. Not much better than NBC's Pyeongchang logo for similar reasons noted already here with NBC and Korea. Odd to me the purple color vibrant identity used incorporates K-Pop symbolism: 


Eurosport and Discovery Communications really are committed to go strongly in the digital multimedia department with an agreement as the official mobile broadcasting carrier to all 50 European nations and territories for Pyeongchang 2018 with its mobile streaming service in Eurosport Player and teaming up with NowThis, the digital company, in providing social video like already with the Olympic track legends one mentioned in my last post:




Stating the obvious here with Germany in that it's without a doubt a brand new era in German Olympic TV broadcasting with Discovery Communications through Eurosport taking over in this Olympic cycle over the two domestic public broadcasters, ZDF and ARD, couldn't come to an agreement and consequently not getting involved this time for a first. Citing how the broadcast rights fees getting cost-prohibitive. Feels strange but we'll get used to it (some never will though). Moving into the private-TV realm. Plus the free-to-air hours this time are to going to be limited with at least no more of that alternating channels each day. Does say they will air way more than the 100-hour minimum on the FTA side--on Eurosport 1 Deutschland proper and DMAX and both could handle it daily instead of alternating days--but currently TBD and become more Team Germany in focus and top showcase Olympic moments but with some concern, raised by some, that some winter sports less popular with the German public get depreciated with considerably more advertising than ever during the Olympics on German TV. Pay-TV side of Eurosport's Olympic broadcasting in Pyeongchang will have specific packages (ranging from either 6,99/20 euros monthly to 60 euros annually). Talks are already planned to nab a lot of the ZDF and ARD sportscasters that did the Olympics: 


Of the three Baltic nations, only Latvia will have its public broadcaster showing Pyeongchang and Tokyo for an undisclosed fee. It'll come with at least 100 hours through LTV1 and (mostly) LTV7. ERR in Estonia walked away from a 800,000 euro broadcasting offer for this cycle before Eesti Media took over



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If you plan to be in Pyeongchang during the Games, plans are afoot in having the Pyeongchang area be the first South Korean base area to have 5G wireless communications before its widespread commercial release in 2019 with strong support from official media partners Korea Telecom (KT) and Samsung with Ericsson, Nokia, Intel-- at a 5G Center set up near the vicinity of the world’s longest (2,018 meters) Alpensia Sliding Center, where the luge/skeleton and bobsledding will take place,  to test-run data transmission at a maximum speed using the 28 Gigahertz frequency band. Includes a KT-developed installation of 26 network stations, a 200-gram Sync Cam. Even on the bobsled's nose. Also includes new features for VR like with torch carriers' experience:


Little more on Samsung's plans to utilize the VR for the Winter Olympics. No doubt it will expand from it used in Rio De Janeiro with more events and have more experiences to use:



Publicis UK will handle and develop the Pyeongchang 2018 broadcast, digital activation and integrated Olympic Channel content to promote the Olympic movement and values ahead of the winter games: 


Cross country skiing gold medalist Anders Sodergren puts down the skis and picks up the mic as a skiing analyst for Discovery Networks Sweden/Eurosport for Pyeongchang:



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1 hour ago, Quaker2001 said:

Wow, wasn't sure we'd ever see this headline..

NBC's 2018 prime-time Olympics coverage will air live on the West Coast

My reaction to this..


I'll be very interested to see how the ratings on the West Coast (which are always among the top markets) compare to past Games that were aired on delay.  This is long overdue, but I won't be surprised to see ratings drops, especially for the first few hours of primetime.

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More Olympic broadcasting news from Sweden.

Sverige Radio's Radiosporten now acquires the Swedish Olympic radio broadcasting rights to the 2018 and 2020 Olympics, extending its tradition since 1928, with plans for editorial and more comprehensive and broad coverage from Pyeongchang in a sublicensing agreement with Discovery Networks Sweden. 150 hours planned for FM with the digital coverage focusing on Team Sweden and international stars. Radiosporten's 2018 and 2020 Olympic coverage will come on P4, SR Play, and sverigesradio.se. Maybe P1, P2, and P3 will get included somehow later with option to listen to Radiosporten's coverage through Eurosport video coverage online along with the Swedish TV channels:



No big surprise considering NBCUniversal holds sizable stakes in both investments 

NBC Reteams With Snapchat, BuzzFeed for 2018 Winter Olympics Coverage

And this: http://www.sportsvideo.org/2017/03/30/nbc-olympics-snap-expand-partnership-to-bring-2018-olympic-games-coverage-to-snapchatters-in-u-s/

Wouldn't be unexpected that ice hockey will be the centerpiece for the male-centric DMAX's Pyeongchang 2018 portion of the coverage, especially giving great priority towards the German men's ice hockey team--and for the German women had they qualified out of and defeated Japan. We can expect DMAX to cover all the Olympic ice hockey games there live:


When Discovery Communications granted the Lithuanian media broadcasting rights to the 2018-2020 Olympics, TV3 won the rights to it for the Baltic nation with that and TV6 mutually covering it for Lithuania on the free-to-air side along with Eurosport and Eurosport 2. Together, it will present the most hours for Pyongchang 2018 on Lithuanian TV than even for Rio 2016 with 400 hours. Entirely on HD for the first time there. Plus TV3 Lietuva plans to use a subchannel for additional coverage like Australia's Seven Network did with hopes to improve upon the public satisfaction of the Lithuanian Olympic TV broadcasting and the coverage itself. Also explains extensively the inside story in Discovery's and the Lithuanian Olympic Committee's broken-down negotiations with public broadcaster and former Olympic rights holder LRT as a partner before turning to Viasat's TV3 Lietuva. At least it won't reserve both ceremonies to LNK like it did in the previous cycle:


The Spanish edition of Wikipedia indicates, though not with news resources cited there, that the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics will get covered on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, FOX Sports, FOX Sports 2, FOX Sports 3, and DIRECTV Sports.

France Televisions becomes a 4-year major TV media partner with the Comite National Olympique Et Sportif Francais for 2017-2020 after the latter's previous partnership with L'Equipe expired and thus wasn't extended. Was supposed to originally kick off in October:



YLE in Finland, after getting and keeping the rights with Discovery on an undisclosed amount that weren't without some difficulties, will show everything live on two different YLE TV channels instead of just YLE TV2 from Pyeongchang 2018...except hockey. But will show reviews of the hockey matches. YLE Radio can air ice hockey games though. But what about the Swedish coverage on YLE Fem/FST5?


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Of course, you just know NBC is not very pleased with the NHL's decision yesterday to opt out using its players for the upcoming Winter Olympics because it wants to continue marketing the league's stars on TV (particularly for the casual American fan) as the Peacock holds the NHL's FTA TV rights. NBC obviously knew this was a strong possibility for months. I enjoy hockey very much and wouldn't mind seeing Canada facing Russia for gold (or even Slovenia) because I like to learn about these teams--bigger nations like Canada are very thorough with its history. Will they try to promote just the teams during the broadcast instead? Nonetheless, if the USA makes it into at least the medal semis it'll almost act as a moot point. But, with American NHL players repping Team USA in the Winter Olympics, the odds for gold will be markedly improved; ratings will be high for NBC regardless of the time zone residents are in. Better hope young guns Auston Matthews and Jack Eichel will eventually join Team USA. Hey, why not place greater emphasis on the women, who have an even greater shot at gold? Makes you wonder how this will impact future TV contracts with the NHL:



Having endured last night's Spanish-language NCAA Basketball National Championship Game on Westwood One Sports Radio, a first, will this be the first Winter Olympics we'll get Spanish coverage at last on both Westwood One Sports and on Telemundo/NBC Universo?

Back when NRK personality Jon Almaas was just about to defect to TVNorge with Anne Rimmen and serve as its evening sports anchor for its Pyeongchang 2018 coverage along with a sports and entertainment package on weekends as Discovery Norway rapidly builds its sports department and getting Norwegian sports TV rights like for the Olympics and soccer. It has already recruited several others in the past year, many from TV2 Norge:


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As online/mobile rapidly becomes more and more prominent when it comes to prospective Olympic advertisers for broadcasters, Eurosport's marketing director Ralph Rivera says it must adjust and adapt--and stop being intrusive from the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic viewing experience (means it must come before and after events, for example). Sure sign it's not going to be your dad's Eurosport:


Look for Asbjorn Myhre, coming from TV2 to the Discovery Communications Norway team, to cover ice hockey in Pyeongchang and his other favorite sports soccer and handball in Tokyo for TVNorge and Eurosport Norge:



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11 hours ago, Durban Sandshark said:

 Sure sign it's not going to be your dad's Eurosport:




... this isn't the Eurosport that you might be familiar with, which used to take second tier sort of rights, what was leftover when the public broadcasters had the rights. It was: let's get premier rights like the Olympics, like Bundesliga [soccer league] in Germany, like [the] Tippeligaen league in Norway and be much more exclusive rights, more local and more premium,

In other words, the "crown jewels protection" which has kept major events available, by law, on free-to-air broadcast networks is soon going to look a lot like a figleaf.

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On 3/28/2017 at 5:22 PM, Barcelona_'92 said:

I'll be very interested to see how the ratings on the West Coast (which are always among the top markets) compare to past Games that were aired on delay.  This is long overdue, but I won't be surprised to see ratings drops, especially for the first few hours of primetime.

Just to be clear, NBC is just promising that it air it's west cost shows simultaneously with the east coast. The show itself will still be a mix of live sports, tape delayed/edited sports, and talking heads. But if they show something tape delayed on the east coast at 8PM eastern, it will air on the west coast at 5PM western.

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2 hours ago, zekekelso said:

Just to be clear, NBC is just promising that it air it's west cost shows simultaneously with the east coast. The show itself will still be a mix of live sports, tape delayed/edited sports, and talking heads. But if they show something tape delayed on the east coast at 8PM eastern, it will air on the west coast at 5PM western.

A lot of places that reported on that were very misleading with their headlines.  I don't think they realized what they were reporting when they used the word "live."  Not to mention it meant absolutely nothing for anyone in the Eastern or Central time zones.  Based mostly on the figure skating schedule, we're probably looking at the most live coverage of an Asian Olympics since 1988 in Seoul, but there will still be plenty of gaps they need to fill with tape.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Makes you wonder exactly what the West Coast and Alaska/Hawaii will get during the time slots before the local news unless the said local evening news gets pushed up or use some syndication programming. Maybe have some Olympic news, but that will be unfair to the Eastern/ Central time zone residents when they don't get it. Could replay some Team USA highlights in events.

Speaking of and since I just now brought up Team USA, NBCUniversal's upcoming, massive, and pervasive Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic marketing machine is now in full effect with nearly 100 USA's athletes filmed in West Hollywood Los Angeles like with 20 different promo spots and in various other ways under the top secret WeHo name:

NBC's WeHo 2018 Winter Olympic Marketing Machine Starts Its Engine

In Norway a war is brewing over Discovery Communications Norway denying sports TV media accreditation distribution between current Norwegian TV rights holder TV Norge and now-former Olympic broadcaster TV 2 that started with Tippenligaen (Toppfotball) soccer league and now the row grew over 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the upcoming World Ice Hockey Championships in Paris:


More details on how the NHL's absence in Pyeongchang next February could impact NBC's ratings hopes on multiple fronts. Nothing catastrophic but generally won't make much of an impact. Will impact the NHL games' timeslots towards something more unfavorable, though:


One person in the broadcasting realm who's relieved over the NHL's decision not to participate over in Pyeongchang in Rogers SportsNet hockey Scott Moore, who says they would likely have many taped Olympic hockey games to air during the awake hours instead of showing NHL matches. Of course, the sport is more firmly entrenched up in Canada onto the cultural fabric there than in the USA south of the border. Moore knows Canadians will seek Olympic hockey regardless on TV. Can't even show Sidney Crosby's golden goal on home soil in Vancouver against the USA on TV or online. Not even the NHL:


German sports TV rights including the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will soon arrive at a German Internet and wireless/mobile service like with TV shows there presented from a 50/50 joint venture between Discovery Communications Deutschland and ProSiebenSat.1 called 7TV:



Some info on Japan's NHK's plans in 8KTV UHD including among them Pyeongchang 2018 that will serve as the start of its commercial broadcasting, which would be successful yet again then, towards the ultimate commercial use target in time for Tokyo 2020. 4KTV will proceed as planned :


CONI's. the Italian National Olympic Committee, Pyeongchang 2018 website. Available in both Italian and English:


Discovery/Eurosport Italia, as part of CONI's 2018 Winter Olympic Team presentation for Team Italia. It will take a more storytelling approach in its Olympic coverage with the struggle, the passion, the training, and the sacrifice captured starting this fall--and will be present at the Casa Italia in Pyeongchang. Plus, Eurosport Italia will be distinct from regular Eurosport International:


Could Italian public broadcaster RAI lose its Pyeongchang 2018 and Tokyo 2020 sublicensing broadcasting rights to Nove (Channel 9) due to Discovery refusing to lower its price? RAI could also lose some other sports TV rights like Coppa Italia and F1 racing:








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The start of the NBA Pyeongchang promotion avalanche started yesterday when a 60-second spot aired during the Kentucky Derby starring US Winter Olympians including Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, Mikaela Shiffrin, Gus Kenworthy, Nathan Chen, Ashley Wagner, Chloe Kim, etc. filmed on location in Lake Placid, the EastWest Ice Palace in Los Angeles, and Mammoth Mountain, California with Shania Twain's new single "Life Is About to Get Good":


Premiered at the one-year mark (why we didn't get into this earlier?) centering on the US Winter Olympic hopefuls with emphasis on the fresher faces who hope to become household names along with gold medalists Lindsay Vonn, Shaun White, Mikalea Shiffrin, along with figure skater Ashley Wagner, who hopes for some gold:   


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2 hours ago, Durban Sandshark said:

That's another good place to see them. In several ways the Stanley Cup Playoffs are more riveting than the NBA playoffs right now. GO SENS!

You mean we haven't know all year exactly which two teams will be in the Stanley Cup finals and are just going through the motions until we get there? 

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Eurosport 1 Germany & DMAX recruited SkySport News' newsanchor Birgit Noessing into the team back in February with plans to be the face of Eurosport's German Olympic coverage and is excited after being a Eurosport fan from afar. Assume she'll not only be the studio anchor and cover skiing, a sport she competed in. But Opening Ceremony too, perhaps?  One thing I noticed so far about Germany is that Discovery Germany has not bringing in a lot of sportscasters and reporters from ARD and ZDF like we've seen with its sister Scandinavian channels. Of course, Eurosport Germany owns plenty of German TV sports rights, so it may not need the public broadcasters' talents:



Eurosport's press release on Slovenian gold medalist Tina Maze joining the team's Pyeongchang Olympic coverage as a skiing analyst with a skiing expert team (ski jumping included) including Michael Greis, Didier Cuche, and Adam Malysz. Not sure if Maze will take part in the Slovenian language Eurosport, English, or German:


Wouldn't be surprised if TVNorge and Eurosport uses Vizrt tools again for Pyeongchang next year like it does for Norway's Eliteserien soccer:




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On 5/7/2017 at 4:09 PM, Durban Sandshark said:

The start of the NBA Pyeongchang promotion avalanche started yesterday when a 60-second spot aired during the Kentucky Derby starring US Winter Olympians including Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, Mikaela Shiffrin, Gus Kenworthy, Nathan Chen, Ashley Wagner, Chloe Kim, etc. filmed on location in Lake Placid, the EastWest Ice Palace in Los Angeles, and Mammoth Mountain, California with Shania Twain's new single "Life Is About to Get Good":


Premiered at the one-year mark (why we didn't get into this earlier?) centering on the US Winter Olympic hopefuls with emphasis on the fresher faces who hope to become household names along with gold medalists Lindsay Vonn, Shaun White, Mikalea Shiffrin, along with figure skater Ashley Wagner, who hopes for some gold:   


I watched the Derby on Saturday, and NBC did not air the Shania Twain ad.  They replaced it with the ad above. I assume the Twain ad included footage of Steven Holcomb, so it got pulled after news broke of Holcomb's death.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Just yesterday South Korea launched 4K UHD TV with the next generation MPEG-H TV Audio System audio codec going 24/7 that SBS will utilize immerse and interactive multichannel sound with its Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics coverage as it firmly establishes itself in much of the metropolitan areas including Pyeongchang but starting in Seoul. Surely other South Korean host broadcasters like KBS and MBC will take advantage of this as they too prepare for its preparation for their share of the coverage; it certainly won't interfere with any significant infrastructure changes. Now if the USA could be just as innovative and be ahead of the curve with technology when NBC makes its Olympic broadcasts:


Korea Telecomms plans for a trial commercial 5G mobile network service, a world's first, in time for Pyeongchang 2018 with construction of this completed by this September, particularly in the Winter Olympic city. By the time the Games start, it will serve well less than 5% of the nation:



Camilla Nordlund comes from TV4/CMore to join the expanding Swedish Eurosport/Kanal 5-9's cross country skiing sportscasting team with Roberto Vacchi, Per Elofsson and Anders Södergren to primarily follow beloved Team Sweden in Pyeongchang as part of the biggest Swedish Olympic broadcasting team in history. Nordlund did live reporting on the Allsvenskan soccer games and SHL hockey for a decade with her former two channels. Just gets more star-studded for Discovery Sweden:


Yes, I did just say that it's getting star-studded in Sweden. Also yesterday Discovery Sweden welcomes the heavily-experienced sports journalist Patrick Ekwall who also was at TV4 covering major championships in football, handball and athletics and been the host of several major sporting programs during his time at TV4 before being notoriously forced out there in September after 23 years. He's going to bring his unique and big-on-YouTube sports talk show "The Ekwall Show" to the Olympics on Eurosport starting this fall:



Basically this is how Eurosport, which will create its own studios at all venues, will handle the general Olympic TV scheduling for Pyeongchang 2018 in Germany and maybe with the time structure throughout Europe: Eurosport promises to transmit a combined 50 live TV hours daily on its three FTA channels Eurosport1, DMAX, and the just announced TLC, which will cater to women 20-49. Something that was never conducted on ZDF and ARD and one ups those two. No more alternating! At the German Olympic TV epicenter, Eurosport1 will report around the clock with the Olympic competitions take place in Pyeongchang at night starting each Olympic competition day at 1am CET and onto the morning and partly also in the early afternoon of Central European time. After that, Eurosport 1 will present highlights and reports during the Winter Olympic Games that will last to the German primetime. DMAX, the first of the three Discovery Germany free-to-air TV channels, will come in the mornings and afternoons with bobsledding, luge, and skeleton. Hoped DMAX may still get some hockey matches but likely not as much as Eurosport1 and Eurosport 2 and won't happen there. TLC comes in from nighttime to early afternoon focusing on women's sports like figure skating and a "time-shifting sport". Had the German women beat Japan and qualified in women's ice hockey, we would see their games on TLC. Perhaps also some women's curling. All three will have Olympic PrimeTime during the day. On the pay-TV Eurosport 2, it will broadcast the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics live from nighttime to the afternoon strongly featuring the ice hockey tournament and taking lengthy breaks like for Bundesliga soccer on Friday nights.

This new Discovery Deutschland Winter Olympic sportscasting/analysts, broadcasting directoring, reporter team will involve Birgit Nössing, Jan Henkel, Sven Hannawald, Martin Schmitt, Frank Wörndl, Michael Greis and Jochen Behle. Also former speed skater Anni Friesenger-Postma and ex-gymnast Fabian Hambuchen added to the crew with the former involved in various roles and be in the Germany's Olympiahaus as he offers insight into what it takes to be an Olympic champion. Not surprisingly focus overall will come heavily towards the German athletes here, and the Winter Olympics will get covered in every angle live and on demand on the digital side real-time data, news and additional information on the athletes.as the viewer will customize the action to his or her liking:



Discovery Communications completes sublicensing deal with Radio i Televizioni Kosoves (RTK) and Armenia Public Television for exclusive free-to-air audio/visual rights for this PyeongChang 2018 and Tokyo 2020 cycle.  The two national free-to-air broadcasters will get select digital rights for the content they broadcast on their linear television channels and select clip rights following the live events.  Eurosport meanwhile maintains rights to air every moment on pay-TV and through its digital and mobile services. Moreover, Discovery strikes partnerships with Sveriges Radio and Polskie Radio in also sublicensing the non-exclusive radio rights in both places, including digital simulcast via Internet and mobile during this same Pyeongchang-Tokyo cycle while learning about the athletes' inspiring tales:



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