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Olympic construction transformed Tokyo

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When news of Tokyo’s winning bid was announced — the result of the submission of an ambitious half-billion dollar budget to remake the capital for the event, a figure that far exceeded the $30 million spent for the Rome Games in 1960, not to mention the intensive wining and dining of the International Olympic Committee during a visit to the capital in 1958 (which, according to Andrew Jennings’ expose “The New Lords of the Rings,” included the pre-paid services of Tokyo’s finest, most elegant call girls) — the reaction of many people was, “How in the world is the city going to pull it off in time?”

...not much has changed in the process....no wonder the old fat men of the ioc feel entitled.

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Only HALF a Billion to "remake" the capital? That's a thrifty BARGAIN in today's Olympic dollars!

I don't know though how much you can "remake" in a megalopolis of already 20 million people? I mean are there hundreds and hundreds of empty acres that you can move people to while you create more new avenues, elevated railways of more extensive subway lines? At least Rio has still such wide swaths of virgin land that they can really move things around. Know what I mean?

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