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Tokyo 2020 Emblem

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It's about time.


They explain in very poetic terms that the logo shouldn't be restricted to Japanese culture as to make no sense/conenctions to the rest of the world, but shoudl still have, "..the essence of Japanese culture, and seek to rediscover its subtle splendors. The design should also integrate an affinity with technology, and its future functions".

The artists themselves have to submit designs for both the Olympic and Paralympic games, so we'll still have that connection between the two like in London's and those after.

Submissions start the 4th of November and end the 11th, but that's plenty of time to throw something together that will be refined over the following months until whenever the reveal is (2020 days to go???). The shortlisted applicants will be contacted in late December of this year.

Unfortunately, those who may participate are a bit more restricted than, say Nanjing's medal contest. As they say, "Applicants must be designers, graphic designers or art directors who have received at least two of the following awards: The Tokyo ADC Prize, the TDC Prize, the JAGDA Newcomers Award, the Yusaku Kamekura Award, the New York ADC Prize, the D&AD Award and the ONE SHOW DESIGN Award".

Basically, the majority of designers will be Japanese, with a few Americans and Europeans here and there.

So yeah that's cool i guess B)

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