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2000: The Bids That Never Made It

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I was wondering what info you guys have about the bids that withdrew from the 2000 bid race?

Tashkent 2000, Brasilia 2000 and Milan 2000.

I'll see what I can find too.

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Brasilia was eliminated after the IOC's visit to the city (it didn't have it's metro even started, nor an upgraded airport for example). Milan withdrew after releasing its bid books. Tashkent was an obvious non starter, the new Uzbekistan nation just wanted to voice their new independence.

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Tashkent basically announced a bid and that was it. Jeremie searched the Olympic Library for me and it appears they did not produce any written literature about their plans - not even a brochure.

Milan dropped out when it became obvious CONI were not 100% behind the bid (Rome had already announced their 2004 intentions back in 1992).

Brasilia was an interesting case. They didn't submit a proper bid book - more of a collection of photo books and venue renderings. They were basically told by the IOC that they were not a suitable host.

That is pretty much it.

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Here is the IOC 2000 Evaluation report (Milan had dropped out by this point).

Brasilia starts at page 17.


I don't think the IOC has ever been so blunt with a bidding city...

The praise for Sydney was very obvious, maybe that is just me looking with hindsight.

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Brasilia's pathetic bid was obviously a no go from the start. It was pushed ahead by the first directly elected (and first kicked out) government after 21 decades of military dictatorship to show off the new country despite the dire economic troubles Brazil faced during the early 90's. The 2019 Universiade will be a headache there...

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