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Tokyo 2020 Venue Design


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Now I'm on my phone so this'll be a little sloppy. I was doing my daily round of Tokyo 2020 research just to see what's up, and I noticed this article (http://ajw.asahi.com/article/behind_news/social_affairs/AJ201409120045) that show student designs for the permanent and temporary venues, all made with local lumber. Of course this brings risk of fire, especially during earthquakes, is a danger but preventive measures can be taken and wood itself is cheaper than the amount of metal that would be used. What caught my interest were the pictures! Now these are in no way the final designs, but it kind of gives you an image of what kind of design we might see in 2020.

I'll post correctly cropped images once I get home.



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Too bad it looks stunningly gorgeous. This may be the worst idea I have ever heard next to constructing entire cities from wood.

I expect they'll know better than to use wood for everything. Using it for some things like temporary seatings, velodrome track (kinda have to anyway), VIP boxes, parts of roofs, etc. If they want to keep them earthquake proof wood wont cut it

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This is kinda old news, but it hasn't been posted here yet. A while ago (2014) the design for the Olympic Village was released by the TMG. (source: SCC http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1729594 )

"The athletes village will consist of 23 buildings in 4 areas which will all will be between 14 and 17 floors tall."


"After the games the area will be transformed into a residential area. 2 towers will be added, both with 50 floors, a shopping center and a school."




Construction is to begin in 2016.

The village will also be the first "Hydrogen Town" (source: SSC http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1729594&page=2 )


The Tokyo metropolitan government has decided that the Athletes’ Village for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be made into a “hydrogen town” where electricity and hot water are supplied through hydrogen energy, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned.

After the Tokyo Olympics are over, the electricity and hot water generated with hydrogen energy are expected to be furnished to a school, and commercial and other facilities to be constructed on the village site.

The plan is set to be the largest experiment employing the new energy source. The Tokyo government hopes to take advantage of the 2020 Olympics as an opportunity to advance the realization of a society based on hydrogen energy.

Hydrogen filling stations will be constructed by 2020 in the Harumi district of Chuo Ward, Tokyo, where the Athletes’ Village will also be located, according to a conceptual plan by the metropolitan government and others.

Pipes will be laid around the village to distribute hydrogen to housing facilities, training centers, cafeterias and others. Fuel cells installed at each station will generate electricity and heat through the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen in the air.

The pipes will be also used to charge the fuel cells of buses used to transport athletes and others during the event.

About 17,000 athletes and other guests will stay in the Athletes’ Village, which will be the site of 22 accommodation buildings with 14 to 17 floors each. The housing facilities will be converted into condominiums or rental apartments for the general public after the Olympics. Two 50-story residential high-rises, a commercial complex and a school will be constructed in the area to establish a town with a population of about 10,000.

This month, the metropolitan government is set to begin accepting applications from private firms that want to submit business development plans for the Athletes’ Village. The proposals will be required to incorporate the use of hydrogen energy.
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From what I can tell, the Organizing Committee is beginning to reach out for architectural designs for the new venues.

In this case, the Ariake Gymnastics Arena is up for grabs by architects with applications being accepted from 4/14 to 4/30.

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Here are the first offical venue designs. Say what you will, but they do have that little bit of traditional architecture but mixed with modern, and I personally like them.

Here is the Ariake Arena, host of indoor Volleyball. It will have 15,000 seats in Olympic Mode and 12,700 in legacy. Not too bad. It will cost ~299 million US dollars . It will be completed in December 2019. There's no start date yet, which makes sense since they're still bidding for contractors.


And here's the Olympic Aquatics Center. It will have 20,000 seats in Olympic Mode and, as they always planned, the design will allow for 75% of the seats to be temporary leaving a legacy capacity of 5,000. The price will be ~445 million USD. It will be completed in December 2019 as well.


I got these from SSC, but here's the article that was linked.


The article also talks about the rowing/canoe course (appropriately named Sea Forest Water Stadium) but provides no pictures, which is understandable given it's a rectangle of water in the middle of Tokyo Bay with some temporary seats. It will apparently only cost around 812,000 USD to ensure that the water will be calm enough for these events. No mention on spectator capacity though.

I cannot figure out the architect from the article, but it appears that the contractor bidding will start in a few days and go into January for specific parts such as electrics and plumbing. They do talk about the construction techniques. What I can pick up is that both arenas are going to be constructed similarly. Something about a shell method, which I can only assume means building the concrete structure and throwing the roof and sidings on after.

Get excited for more renders!!!!

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