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Euro 2016 Qualification


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Sports and Politics should keep away from each other as much as possible.

Either both Serbia and Albania BOTH get banned, or none of them get banned. They were both involved in the fight.

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I have no time for Serbian nationalism, they should have come to terms with losing Kosovo years ago.

But clearly this time the provocation came from the Albanian side. Even worse that it was apparently the Albanian PM's brother who did this.

And while we're at banning countries, I'd throw out any country which currently needs to get separated from other ones when a draw is made. Bye ArmeniaAzerbaijanGeorgiaRussiaSpainGibraltar.

They can't come to terms with something which was done arbitrarily and without even doing a referendum, not mentioning it was a territory which always historically belonged to Serbia until Tito had the wonderful idea of splitting Serbia during the territorial organization of his Yugoslavia and gave autonomy to Kosovo. Then it got overpopulated by albanians and muslims who claimed that land as its own.

I know Serbia did atrocities in Sarajevo but Albanians weren't sweethearts either. The KLA was driving off christians from Kosovo and destroying orthodox churches and killing the people who were praying in peace. Muslims in Europe have always tried to absorb the culture of the country they reside at instead of abiding to their laws. Why do you think many countries like Germany and Denmark have become paranoid of them?

Either way, like some have said in this forum, this is pure politics, and the feuds between the balkans (who can't never seem to get along together no matter what) shouldn't get shoved in a football tournament. I think the guy who put that drone should be punished, although serbian players also reacted badly and fought with the albanian side, so they should get evenly punished as well

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Disciplinary decision on Serbia-Albania match
Published: Friday 24 October 2014, 10.39CET
The UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body has announced that Albania have forfeited their qualifier in Belgrade 3-0 while Serbia are deducted three points.

The UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body (CEDB) met yesterday and announced the following decision after various incidents that occurred during the European Qualifiers Group I match between Serbia and Albania, which was played in Belgrade on 14 October.

The CEDB has decided to declare the above-mentioned match as forfeited. As a consequence, the Football Association of Albania (FShF) is deemed to have lost the game 3-0. In addition, the FShF has been fined €100,000.

The CEDB has also decided to deduct the Football Association of Serbia (FSS) three points for the current UEFA European Championship qualifying competition. In addition, the FSS has been ordered to play its next two UEFA competition matches as host team behind closed doors. Finally, the association has been fined €100,000.

These decisions are open to appeal.


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Uefa sanctions Romania and Hungary after Euro 2016 clash

Both football associations have been hit with fines and each side must play behind partially closed doors after unrest in the stands and on the pitch

Uefa has imposed partial stadium closures and fines on Romania and Hungary after their ill-tempered Euro 2016 qualifier.

The Group F clash in Bucharest - which took place on October 11 and finished 1-1 - featured 11 yellow cards, and proved equally as confrontational off the field.

Police sprayed tear gas into the National Stadium stands as fireworks and flares were let off by both sets of supporters, and Hungary fans set light to several seats after Adam Szalai's first-half goal was disallowed.

The travelling Hungarian followers have also been punished for "racist behaviour".

Uefa announced on Friday that its Control, Ethics and Disciplinary body has decided that both countries should play their next home matches in partially closed grounds, while also fining the Romanian Football Federation €32,000 and its Hungarian counterpart €30,000.

A statement from European football's governing body revealed that Romania had been penalised for the "setting off/throwing of fireworks and missiles, use of a laser pointer [and] crowd disturbance".

Therefore, sector 122 of the National Stadium will be closed for their home qualifier against Northern Ireland next month. Travelling fans will not be affected, however.

Hungary, meanwhile, have been sanctioned for "racist behaviour, setting off/throwing fireworks and missiles [and] crowd disturbances".

As such, a minimum of 2,500 seats at the Florian Albert Stadion will be closed off for their qualifier against Finland on November 14.

Hungary have also been ordered to pay for the damage to Bucharest's National Stadium caused by their fans within 30 days.

Both sets of Uefa sanctions are open to appeal.


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Meanwhile, Germany managed only a 4-0 win against Gibraltar, with an anaemic performance especially in the second half - and is stuck at the (play-off) third rank of group D, with Scotland threatening to push them further down to the fourth rank. And just as a reminder: Poland and Ireland, the current top teams of the group, managed 7-0 wins against Gibraltar, Poland even without their home audience in Faro/Loulé while Germany played at home last night.

The World Champion really is in a worrying condition! The team has never shown a champion-like performance since the World Cup. I fear that the friendly against Spain on Tuesday could end in disaster.

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What an amazing goal by Shaun Maloney for Scotland


Beautifully well worked set-piece. Gordon Strachan seems to be doing a pretty solid job, and with the new qualification format for the Euros, I think it's very realistic for you to get a play-off place. Germany will come good soon enough and Poland look like they're strong too, so I don't know if anything higher than third is possible. But Scotland at a major tournament once again would be nice to see. Here's hoping.

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(Relatively) comfortable again for England. Needed an own goal to wake us up though, but on top throughout.

Odd that we'll get a more competitive game on Tuesday in the friendly against Scotland than we've had in ANY of our qualifiers so far.

I guess congrats due to San Marino too! They have a point! :lol:

Edited by Rob.
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I still think that these Teams will Qualify:

Group E:

1) England. 30 Points.

2) Switzerland.

3) Slovenia. (Play-Offs).

4) Lithuania.

5) Estonia.

6) San Marino.

Group A:

1) Holland.

2) Czech Republic.

3) Iceland. (Best 3rd Place Team).

4) Turkey.

5) Kazakhstan.

6) Latvia.

Group B:

1) Belgium.

2) Bosnia and Herzegovina.

3) Wales. (Play-Offs).

4) Israel.

5) Cyprus.

6) Andorra.

Group C:

1) Spain.

2) Slovakia.

3) Ukraine. (Play-Offs).

4) Belarus.

5) FYR Macedonia.

6) Luxembourg.

Group D:

1) Germany.

2) Republic Of Ireland.

3) Poland. (Play-Offs).

4) Scotland.

5) Georgia.

6) Gibraltar.

Group F:

1) Hungary.

2) Romania.

3) Northern Ireland. (Play-Offs).

4) Greece.

5) Finland.

6) Faroe Islands.

Group G:

1) Sweden.

2) Russia.

3) Austria. (Play-Offs).

4) Mont.

5) Moldova.

6) Liechtenstein.

Group H:

1) Italy.

2) Croatia.

3) Norway. (Play-Offs).

4) Azerbaijan.

5) Bulgaria.

6) Malta.

Group I:

1) Denmark.

2) Portugal.

3) Serbia. (Play-Offs).

4) Armenia.

5) Albania.

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From an external point of view, it's pretty funny to see the rest of Europe struggle to qualify for a tournament while we have nothing to do...But that said,

I'm pretty thrilled by the performances of teams like Israel, Slovakia, Wales, Austria, Albania or Northern Ireland. Teams that weren't expected to do so good so far.

Those qualifiers also look like they're going to be remembered as the awakening of the extra-small teams, San Marino getting a tie, Faroe Islands & Liechtenstein winning games...

After watching them play, Slovakia is a team that impressed me very much, their game just as much as how the players are built -huge-. Israel impressed me too. I sure hope we'll see both teams at le rendez-vous ;) / Euro 2016 , where we'll gladly welcome them...

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