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Oslo 2022 Olympic Bid Support Slips


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I had a lot of hopes for Oslo, but it seems that's not going to happen. A huge shame that the games are going to happen again in a country with a very dubious reputation when it comes to human rights. And to be honest i've started to lose a lot of respect I had for the games. The brash truth is that they've became an event for the elite and the rich only, and the olympic ideal and all of that crap doesn't mean nothing.

Aw well. Time to support Almaty, then.

Like Me and FYI keeps saying, Beijing is the Best of a very bad situation. We know Beijing can deliver, China has a strong economy, despite China's faults. Beijing is in a much better and secure situation to Host then Almaty is. Please Ikarus360, don't become obsessed with Almaty like GCL and Olympic Fan Darcy are, because it will only end in disappointment. Almaty will not Host, unless Oslo and Beijing withdraw, because of the reasons I've said in the other Thread.

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I'm disappointed Oslo is looking like a nonstarter, because it's by far the best of the three bids. Heck, there are very few cities in the world that could host the winter Olympics better than Oslo could.

Oh well, time to support Almaty. If we can't get a safe option might as well go all in on the craziness.

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