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2017 African Cup of Nations

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Libya was stripped of hosting the tournament after fighting that has been going on in the country continues. Libya was going to host the 2013 AFCON but due to the Libyan Civil War, they traded years with South Africa (But the runner up Nigeria should have hosted because they were the reserved hosts) South Africa was supposed to host the 2017 AFCON but hosted 2013 and now Libya for the second time loses the rights to host the AFCON. Who do you think should bid? I think Eygpt should bid. They have got the stadiums which were built for their failed 2010 World Cup Bid, I also think Tunisia can host the AFCON.

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According to this report, Kenya is interested in joint-bidding with Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda:


This report says Tanzania has already submitted a bid to host the 2017 AFCON, its says nothing about Joint-bidding with Kenya:


Ethiopia is interested:


Ethiopia has hosted the AFCON in 1962, 1968 and 1976

Zambia won't bid for 2017, but are interested in bidding for 2019:


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The host for 2019, 2021 and 2023 were revealed last week:

2019: Cameroon

2021: Cote d'Ivore

2023: Guinea

2023 was not supposed to be announced but due to their amazing presentation, Guinea were give the 2023 AFCON

Failed Bids: Algeria, Zambia

Algeria, along with Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are candidates for the 2017 AFCON, I really hope Tanzania host it or Kenya. Would love to see the Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium host some matches.

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