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Bid Books Needed


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This is pretty much everything you had on the old Bid Library site now uploaded isn't it? :D

Was that a trend during the 96 process then, odd-shaped pages?

Yeah the 1996 books were kind of weird. Either weird shaped pages or additional volumes.

I have lots of other bits and pieces I may upload sooner or later :)

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2014 Applicant Files -

Almaty 2014 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/almaty_2014/0

Borjomi 2014 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/borjomi_2014_english/0

Jaca 2014 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/jaca_2014_english/0

Pyeongchang 2014 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/pyeongchang2014_questionaire/0

Salzburg 2014 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/salzburg_2014_english/0

Sofia 2014 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/sofia_2014_english/0

2016 Applicant Files -

Baku 2016 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/baku2016questionnaire/0

Chicago 2016 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/chicago2016questionnaire/0

Doha 2016 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/doha2016questionnaire/0

Madrid 2016 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/madrid2016questionnaire/0

Prague 2016 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/prague2016questionnaire/0

Rio De Janeiro 2016 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/rio2016questionnaire/0

Tokyo 2016 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/tokyo2016questionnaire_fdd1518fc5d28b/0

Fukuoka 2016 JOC Applicant File (Japanese) http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/fukuokajoc

Los Angeles 2016 Executive Summary http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/la2016bidsummary/0

2018 Applicant Files -

Annecy 2018 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/annecy18appfile/0

Munich 2018 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/munich18appfile/0

Pyeongchang 2018 http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/pc2018appfile/0

Tromso 2018 Brochure http://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy/docs/tromso2018brochureenglish/0

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2020 Applicant Files -

Madrid's applicant files and the 2022 set will be coming tomorrow.

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Yeah the 1996 books were kind of weird. Either weird shaped pages or additional volumes.

I have lots of other bits and pieces I may upload sooner or later :)

If I can remember...

Melbourne: Which of course I have, has those funny trapezoid shaped bid books volume 1 and 2, with volume 3 being a standard rectangular book. All in large format, in a suitcase.

Toronto: 3 square bid books in large format, in a slipcase.

Atlanta: Came in a 5 book set, in a slipcase.

Manchester: 5? Books and additional material in a slipcase (or was it a suitcase?).

Athens: That bulky cube, which had 6? books and accompanying VHS videos.

Belgrade: Haven't seen a picture of them.



My Melbourne books:



Edited by Lord David
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On 2014/9/3 at 8:36 PM, thatsnotmypuppy said:
Dear thatsnotmypuppy!
Thanks for sharing your bid files. They are quite useful.
I am currently looking for the Pyeongchang winter olympics bid files.
However, the web download site linked of year of 2010 is only "IOC Questionnaire".
Applicant Files -
Do you have the original bid files?
Thanks in advance.


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11 hours ago, thatsnotmypuppy said:

Wow, Thanks!!!

Perfect documents!

Can I download them? It would be brilliant to have a look off-line!




11 hours ago, thatsnotmypuppy said:


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