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Rio 2016 Mascots

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Since its one year to go, looks like the miniseries featuring the mascot duo will start today. I've only found a vid of the opening so far though

Not related to but i didnpt knew Tobby Entrevista (a brazilian flash series) was still around and also "interviewed" the mascots (I guess our brazilian members here will get the jokes better) :P


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Well, it's not just cartoon logic, it's also good storyboarding. It would make sense if they both crashed into each other, realize they both have the same goal, and work together to capture the ball-things. That way, it makes sense that they'll be friends (and it adds some level of friendship and working-togetherness or something) since they had an experience together. But the episode has each character play out their experiences individually, before suddenly expecting the audience to believe that they're bff's after biologocally identifying each other?

But it was made for kids, and the animation, music, and art is really nice, so maybe I'm just over thinking it.

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The episodes of the mascots are now available on YouTube.





The episodes of the mascots are now available on YouTube.
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Mascots Vinicius and Tom star on final batch of Rio 2016 commemorative coins

Rio 2016 mascots Vinicius and Tom led the celebrations as the final batch of coins commemorating the Games were launched at the Brazilian Central Bank on Friday (19 February). The colourful duo had good reason to be in high spirits, as they themselves have entered circulation on the R$1 (Brazilian real) coins.

Olympic mascot Vinicius and Paralympic mascot Tom are celebrated, along with the sports of boxing and Paralympic swimming, in four designs that will each be minted 20 million times.

Check out this video of when Tom and Vinicius visited the Brazilian Mint:

Along with the circulation coins were launched five new coin designs for collectors – four silver and one gold. The silver coins have a value of R$5 (but sell for R$195) and celebrate four sports – running, cycling, rowing and beach volleyball on one side, and continue the theme of paying homage to Brazilian flora, fauna, architecture and music on the other, with images of a Brazilwood tree, a butterfly, Rio’s Municipal Theatre and a samba musician.

The gold coin, whose face-value is R$10 but costs R$1,180, features Christ the Redeemer on one side and the Olympic torch on the reverse.

Check out the first, second and third batches of Rio 2016 commemorative coins



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