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Rio 2016 Mascots

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Pair of mascots can be called "Tom" and "Vinicius"

The families of musicians already authorized and the pair of 2016 mascots can call Tom and Vinicius. In this option, the names of two more pairs will be released on Sunday by the Organizing Committee of the Games, for the public to choose your preferred over the Internet. There are two mascots because one of them will represent the Olympics, and the other, the Paralympics.


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^^ To be honest, i'll take with a grain of salt. The official site hasn't said anything yet and the guy who tweeted this hasn't responded my question regarding if this is official or not. So maybe its fake.

If it ends up being real, though, they remind me a lot of Vancouver 2010 mascots,

The one at the left looks like a boy in some kind of a half macaw-half fox-half cheetah costume. XD The right one reminds me of the pokemon Oddish.

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Oba and Eba are quite interesting names. Those are common expressions of happiness in portuguese. Something like 'Yay' or 'Yuppie'.

Vinicius and Tom are very meaningful, but the things are too childish for the names.

And the video


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I never liked Wenlock and Mandeville to be honest. No offense for those who like the mascot though.

As for these ones, they are ok. Better than London and Athens at least. And I appreciate they didn't used the same style for Fuleco, that would had felt repetitive. However i'm sure there will be a lot of comparisons with Adventure Time (seriously, the yellow guy looks a lot like Finn the Human) and , like the Vancouver mascots, will be considered too "asian".

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