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I'm not sure what everyone is freaking/stressing out about. I myself really happen to enjoy the color pallets that have been presented as well as the renderings. I think it'll make for a very vibrant and colorful games! I also am starting to not worry nearly as much. Yes, while issues with the bay still very much need to be addressed, where they held the test event for the sailing, went much better than I thought it would. It looks like things are coming together nicely and things should be well in hand by the time we get to 2016. :)

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Like everything Rio has unveiled so far, this is very slick indeed and easy on the eye. Seems to combine the colour and feel of Athens with the boldness, continuity and visual clarity of London along

Take a "look" Designs based on Rio’s iconic skyline will adorn the competition venues and colour the city, also featuring on tickets and uniforms The new visual identity of the Rio 2016 Olympic and

That's precisely the proccess of artistic creation of 1920's Brazilian Modernism. It's called Anthropophagy: Brazilian Art couldn't deny the influence from European Art. The modernists, thus, devoured

Eww. I don't like that.

'I like it' as in "its-okay-I-guess"

That's it? They gotta be kidding. Airport-gatecrasher Marilyn Hartman could easily get away as a bonafide volunteer with those boring, unimaginative outfits. What are they thinking??? :blink:

I hardly think those will be the official outfits. Anywho, there's more


The solid color polo and gray pants seems to be a common trend in them (which still doesn't narrow down the uniqueness of them currently)

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I love it...very Athens like.

That volunteer recruitment image with the colored "noodles" on the white background looks nothing like Athens. If you disagree, show me a side by side photo that says otherwise.

If you're confused as usual and thinking we're talking about the overall look (which we weren't), I don't really see that argument either as Athens had a broader color palette and a much more refined and detailed design language (sun, waves, amphora patterns, ancient writing, etc.). The only similarity is that Athens and Rio are both fairly "sunny" looks, but IMO Athens was much more nuanced and polished.

I've already said I think the overall look will make for very pleasant environments. It's not very original, but it will do the job just fine and is a big improvement over London.

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The volunteers uniforms are still to be unveiled.

Some of the pictures features athletes using the Brazilian uniforms for London 2012...


Like this...


And I bet the volunteers uniform will feature the look of the games.

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I think Rio will come true with a sensational look. There is simply nothing to doubt given what we have seen. I wonder, though, if they will be able to surpass (what many in the movement have agreed) about the superlative branding and visual mastery of the look of Vancouver.

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II found a short video on instagram with any event using the look of the games for some reason...


If you look closely that gymnast is being filmed and that isn't a Rio games venue. I'm guessing that it is for one of those PG&E commercials that ran for London 2012:


It's clearly for a commercial of some sort, and the US flags tell me that it will be an English language one.

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