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I'm really not the bothered about ceremonies in general - but I have to admit that the closing ceremony was quite pants. That said, the atmosphere which came through the BBC broadcast showed a very confident and vibrant city hosting the CWGames with a swagger that has been missing in recent years. I went from being quite sceptical about the CWGs future to being quite pleasantly surprised about its future.

It was also quite heartening to see that the referendum didn't really factor in the Games. In fact the welcome and support for all the homes nations and the symbolism of English and Scottish athletes celebrating each others' success was quite special....was a great advert for the United Kingdom in a strange way. A nation of nations. Well done Glasgow!

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Judging by the amount of stick both London and Glasgow's ceremonies have been getting, maybe we're just not that good at staging them for sporting events perhaps because we don't take them seriously enough in contrast to other sporting hosts? We just tend to be more focussed on the sports!

Just a thought.

I loved, and will always love, the London opening ceremony. There were segments i liked more than others. The going out segment was pretty bad but the industrial revolution segment blew me away. I also loved the London bombings tribute. The closing was less of a success for me but still very entertaining. I tend to prefer the structure of an opening ceremony. Closing ceremonies seems a little chaotic in comparison.

Manchester did an amazing job considering their budgets. Glasgow seemed like they didnt even bother in comparison. The opening was Ok but the closing was a big mess. Awful.

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Pretty much a perfect games in terms of hospitality,crowds,venues and good organisation.

The only thing that I can fault were the 2 ceremonies. The opening was below average,but the closing was dire. Full marks for the gay kiss though.

Think you sum it up - the sport was good but the ceremonies were absolutely dire, the first in 20 years+ of watching the Commonwealth and Olympic Games that I've actually turned off.

Personally though I've just not got into these games as much as I usually do - as I said a few days ago I really think the London hangover made it difficult to enjoy them for what they were. They were just missing that something which lifted them beyond a sporting event.

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Admittedly that one maybe should have been suspended until the rain had eased.

My question is why was the pole vault scheduled for the last night of competition when it could not be postponed? Pole vault and high jump should be scheduled at the start of the athletics program in case they need to be delayed.

You can throw, long and triple jump in the super wet, but high jump and pole vault are dangerous.

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