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The Official 5 Entries into the Unique Logo Bidding Competition for the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

Entry A: (BR2028, Tulsa 2024).


Entry B: (Mr.Bernham, Toronto 2024).


Entry C: (Woohooitsme83, Los Angeles 2024).


Entry D: (Griff, Budapest 2024).


Entry E: (Olympicwetdreamin, Antartica 2024).


Here they are. So again, if Rols or Eternalcobi could start a poll, Thanks.

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You know Tony, back in ye olden days when you were four and picking Olympic hosts, and we here couldn't start polls that weren't anonymous, we just used to post up our choices in a thread.

Ie; I "choose option B".

You could do that.

Otherwise, let me know (and I see Aismanggo also wants to make a late entry - are you accepting it or not?) and I or another premie might get a poll up for you.

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