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I'm struggling with what everyone's problem is. It's only since KL that the ceremonies have started aping the Olympic ceremony style scale wise. From day one Glasgow has been about bringing the Game

What's wrong with you people on here these days. I have laughed my way through the last half hour and yet nobody on here has commented how naff and crap this closing ceremony is. The Gold Coast handov

Sorry, I'M OUTTA HERE. Great Games Glasgow, but had enough of this.

Actually I'm about to give up on this...looks really bland....But then how can you top London Closing two years ago?

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I Hope this is not like the boring London 2012 closing ceremony that was awful not really getting into this as well.

well dont watch...
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So it doesn't look like I missed anything, sleeping in and missing the beginning.

As long as I make Kylie.

I don't think Kylie would want to show up...It looks like it's about to really piss down with rain!
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You missed Lulu, performing her hit from 50 years ago- and acting quite a lot like the 15-year-old she was then.

Actually, the intro song of Lulu was the best part till now...

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