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The 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018


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Yes it is.. This is without a doubt this is best opening ever held in Indonesia.. I think it will take decades before Indonésia can perform a better opening than this.. 

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Overall, I liked the show. Tons better than the borefest which was Incheon, however you can tell it was David Atkins since there were lots of singing. 

Despite this, I feel Jakarta did a better job at mixing both cultural performances + singing than Guadalajara did. Also Indonesia has a rich and diverse culture, which was great to see during the show. 

Also, good job at shortening the parade of nations. I hope Tokyo takes notes from both Jakarta and Pyeongchang for this, even though making a 200 nations parade short is a very hard task. 

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It's closing ceremony day! And it's raining in Jakarta right now.. Anyone who's interested in watching the closing can check the official channel of the Asiad for the livestream.. It should be watchable if you're not from Asia.. 

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35 minutes ago, Ikarus360 said:

Not bad, I kind of liked the rotatory screens. Though i feel it could had been better.

Now the extinguishment of cauldron. 

That cauldron extinguishment is simplistic isn't it? 

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