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The 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018


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I remember that a few days ago the official channel of Asiad broadcasted some soccer matches from YouTube .. Other than that check net tv live on YouTube if there's no livestream from the official channel.. Unless they restrict the video later on then this is where we can watch the opening ceremony.. 

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1 minute ago, Ikarus360 said:

I'm glad the new ceremonies are making an effort to make the parade of nations take less time without making it lose its shine.


Yes it is one of the quickest I've seen so far.. And for the livestream try workpoint official on YouTube.. 

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2 minutes ago, Ikarus360 said:


This one seems to be the official one, but i always get an error when trying to play it. 

I think that's the geo blocking for the site.. Have you tried YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/WorkpointOfficial yet? 

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Hmmm.. We got some dangdut here.. This is the main song of this Asiad btw.. 

But looking at how they promote this opening it's looking like a big concert coming up tonight with too many singers involved here.. 

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