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Website on the Munich 72 Games is offline?

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A question to all here, but particularly towards the German members: Does anyone of you know why the website olympia72.de is offline? For anyone who didn't know it so far: It was a fantastic website (sadly, it was only in German) about the Munich 1972 Games, comprising many interesting texts, pictures, audio files and video clips about those Games. The owner must have put a hell lot of work into that site - and now it's suddenly gone, probably already since a couple of months already (because the last time I visited the website must have been in 2013 or early 2014). Even its YouTube channel (which had lots of videos from Munich's ceremonies, sports events and preparational and organisational work) is deleted. Very strange - and very sad, since that website and YouTube channel really were some of the most valuable Olympic information sources on the internet. Plus: It was the only website of its kind about the Munich 1972 Games.

Luckily, there's the Internet Wayback Archive which saved the last (almost complete) copy of the page on January 6 of this year. So if you still want to catch a glimpse:


I wonder whether the webmaster Werner Bittner had legal trouble or even something more serious. If he even deleted his YouTube channel, it can't be that he simply ran out of money for paying the website server capacity.

Correction: The website copy I posted is from December 12, 2013 (not January 6, 2014).

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@StefanMUC: Luckily, you can still get quite a good grasp via that Internet Wayback Archive link. But yeah, I already googled for the webmaster, but couldn't find any information on him or the deletion of the website. It doesn't help either that in the website's imprint, he didn't mention his adress or at least home town (which is actually obligatory for imprints - and could have led to legal problems for him as well).

@CAF: Yes, it's an utter shame. It's particularly strange that there's no notice left anywhere for users who don't know yet that or why the website was deleted. It has vanished without a trace, so to speak.

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We can only speculate about that, but I think it's highly probably that Werner Bittner had to take the website down due to copyright breaches. In his imprint, he stated that he tried to use public domain material whereever possible and asked copyright owners to contact him if he used material illegally.

This leads to a question that might be interesting for all forum members: If the Munich 72 page was taken down due to copyright breaches, one has to ask whether creating and maintaining such multimedia pages (with logos, videos, audios, pictures etc.) is still possible if TV and/or radio stadions and/or maybe the IOC itself are stepping up their efforts to track down and ban copyrighted material. OK, the question is still hypothetical, but hey, we have already seen people like our friend Guardian closing down his YouTube channel because of copyright warnings.

I think it would be a shame if such pages weren't possible anymore - especially while the IOC is still not offering all those videos etc. for sale, so that as Olympic aficionado, one has to rely on the free internet in order to see that material.

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