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Team Canada at Glasgow 2014

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I never can understand why rhythmic gymnastics is even in the Commonwealth Games. It would make more sense to have trampoline and tumbling. Canada and Britain are internationally competitive in those

Can NOT believe that the women finished fourth behind Wales in Team Gymnastics They biffed it so badly on bars and completely blew it. That's the first time EVER that they've missed the podium in th

Oh and a 1, 2 in men's rings. So tied Delhi and Melbourne's gold medal total. The women's team should have performed better. With the results from the last 3 years to be beaten by Wales is shocking

Gold and bronze in women's 10m platform diving, officially passing Delhi's gold medal count!

Impressive considering that they cut half the shooting events :-P

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Also looking at the diving synchro platform for men, Canada should be able to beat Malaysia (they did twice earlier this month). The English team as not dived before together. The Australian pair has not competed internationally it appears. Wide open competition!

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Just looking at tomorrow's (today's) events.

Men's Pole Vault: Shawnancy Barber has the 3rd SB and 2nd PB, so definitely think he's in with a chance.

Women's Discus: I am just mentioning this because it would take a bloody miracle for Labonte to win a medal, but its interesting to see someone do two field events. Usually its sprint/long jump that athletes double up on.

Men's 3000m steeplechase: Matt Hughes does have a decent chance to upset a Kenyan sweep. Would probably take team tactics that Canada is not known for.

Men's 10,000m: Both Canadians could push for a podium place but the Ugandans and Kenyans are strong.

Women's 800m: Melissa Bishop has run very well so far and should be a favourite for a podium place.

Women's 100m Hurdles: Whyte has a narrow, outside chance at a bronze.

Michelle Li and 3 Canadian pairs on in quarter-finals. Michelle Li should get into the semis based on ranking and it would be a good result to have 2 victories.

In boxing, Bujold has absolutely no chance of getting a medal better than bronze. El Mais and Fortin have decent chances to get into the finals.

Pamela Ware and Jennifer Abel should be the class of the field in the 1m springbroard. Abel is the defending champion. Don't know what to make of the men's 3m synchro because there are not a lot of results to look at but looking at the DD and the Canadians would need flawless dives to come close and its not gonna happen.

In gymnastics:

Women's floor. A small chance for Black and Merkle (qualified 4th and 5th)

Women's beam: A good chance for Black and Onyshko, need to be in qualification and all-around form respectively

Men's vault: Morgan has a pretty good chance to add to his medal collection

Men's parallel bars and horizontal bars: very not likely.

Table tennis is a nope

Ryan Bester will get either gold or silver to continue Canada's tradition of 1 bowls medal per Games.

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Looks like the Gymnastics team redeemed itself in the past few days. Incidentally, massive improvements from the Delhi performance.

Getting medals in both Badminton and Table Tennis would be quite impressive.

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:) After a quiet start I have to admit that I've been impressed with Canada's late charge up the medal table and closing in on Australia's gold count. Won't be able to catch England though.
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Really disappointed for Melissa Bishop, she was running so well to finish 8th over 2 seconds outside off her heats times is surprising. Sad to see Pamela Ware not medal individually yet. Hopefully she does well in the 3m.

Badminton has gone as well as can be expected, as has table tennis. Great results to see 2 Canadians in boxing finals for the first time since 2006. Great results in gymnastics, couldn't ask for better today. Was a little surprise at how dominated Ryan Bester was in bowls. But a good result.

As for tomorrow. Canada needs to find 3 medals to break 80. Not sure if it is going to happen.

Women's Pole Vault: Alysha Newman will be one of 5 ladies fighting for 3 medals.

Women's 4x400m relay: The Canadian women should be in the fight with Nigeria, England and Jamaica.

Women's 4x100m relay: Second fastest qualification time (still get a sh!t lane draw though) should be in the fight but would give it to the Nigerians, English and Jamaicans

Men's 4x100m relay: Good chance

Badminton: Michelle Li will be in tough against the 3 higher seeded athletes to medal, her semi-final is against the reigning world championship bronze medalist

Boxing: I expect both Canadians to lose. But two silvers and a bronze is the best results since 2002.

Diving: Abel and Ware are both good beats to medal in the 3m, not a chance in the 10m.

Table Tennis: Singapore and England dominate while Canada and Australia play for a guaranteed medal in men's doubles. Like Michelle Li I expect two loses.

So it comes down to if our final athletics and diving chances can convert chances into 3 medals. 80 would be a fantastic result given the gold medal count.

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