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The Sepp Blatter Plate 2014 Final Poll

The Sepp Blatter Plate 2014 Poll  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. What was in your point of view the most awful/ridiculous/incompetent/just plain nuts aspect of the World Cup 2014?

    • Brazilian team - the historic Germany vs. Brazil semi final
    • Krow - He has to win everything these days..

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As a longtime reader and Olympic bid enthusiast, I am insulted at the invalidation of my vote. I do not consider myself to be a "fake" person as was suggested and I find this a most unwelcoming environment for new users!

Welcome to the forums!

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I missed out on this, and apparently this vote was a mess (but how fitting for a award carrying the name of Mr. Blatter), but I just laughed my a## off reading some the fake member names. Krow, you are some kind of excentric nutjob, but actually a likeable one, even if it's sometimes hard to admit. ;)

However, congratulations to Brazil on winning these "Golden Razzies" of the sports world. ;) Take it easy, folks - your time to win something more decent again will come.

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^ that's not "me" btw. i just have a lot of fans.

although this one doesn't seem to realize that krowtopia doesn't have citizens, only subjects.

Wat? Krowtopia ain't a democract? Den why da hail am I votin fo ya? Take the Trophy and hide it in the pile of babies you stole from us :angry: (oh, wait, you can't; BECAUSE YOU TURNED THEM INTO YOUR ROYAL THRONE <_<)



Actually, nvm, Democracy is overratted.. smh..

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