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Team New Zealand at Glasgow 2014

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Day Ten Medal Drought has broken :)

GOLD - David Nyika, Boxing, Light Heavyweight men's.

Silver - David Light, Boxing, Heavyweight men's.

Bronze - Nick Willis, Athletics, Track, 1500m men's.

Bronze - Hockey, Women's 3rd/4th playoff.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel now with only a bronze match in the Hockey to play and the Netball final. This is pretty much it for NZ at the 2014 CWGs.

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DAY ELEVEN...the end.

Not a great day for NZ on the last day.

:( Netball final has seen NZ totally collapse to a far superior, younger, fitter and more hungry Australian side. 58 - 40. One of the worst defeats to the Daimonds in years.

Still a Silver though.

Mens Hockey wiped out in penalty shot out for the bronze against England.

:mellow: Medals for the final day...

Silver - New Zealand, Netball.

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:)One last medal on the last day

Silver - Jack Bauer, Cycling, Mens Road Race.

Wrapping up New Zealand's pretty good efforts in Glasgow 2014. The future looking bright...

...But there will be some sports that will need to look into themselves in the comming weeks.

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Final Medal Haul

Gold - 14

Silver - 14

Bronze - 17

The best haul by an overseas Commonwealth Games team. Great effort guys. But oh there were some heartbreaking moments and I have to say all the heavly funded team sports, apart from Cycling, let us down.

Bouquets - The sports that never get a mention in day to day coverage, Judoka, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Boxing, all gave us some tin, totally unexpectedly and without fuss. These sports have a right to raise their hands for funding in future if their performance is anything to go by.

The Cycling program...mwaahaahaa excellent! Our hidden genetics program is working :D. Amazing when you build something, things happen, thank you Invercargill and Cambridge. A national first grade standard and world first grade standard velodrome respectively.

Come on girls, you held the flag for the past ten years, get your backside back out there. (No BMX was a bummer, or Madison for that matter)

Athletics...comming back slowly but surely. Good to see the refresh button working with some new faces in the mix, Adams and Willis can't go on forever.

Bowls, that unusual CWGs sport, well it's there and a smattering of tin in there, could do with more though.

Swimming, without Lauren Boyle, and Sophie Pascoe...nothing, but there is always hope.

Raquet sports, tucked out of the way, and out of sight...best place to be for springing surprise eventually...you don't get major funding so you can.

Brickbats It would be unkiwi not to mention them...and they are obvious.

Sevens, right from the start the team never seemed to fire up and the writing was on the wall during the match against Scotland. Ill discipline, slack attitudes and arrogance paved the way for clinical South Africa to win gold. Has given the Seven All Blacks an almighty wake up call two years out...The Olympic gold is anyone's now.

Netball, the team needs to hit the refresh button, too many injuries and no mentor player even to sit in the stadium. Coach Wai Taumauanu will be looking over her shoulder when she gets home.

Hockey, just can't finish it can they...or do we expect too much from them? The World Champs a month ago must have raised alarm bells...now shaky funding there.

Triathalon, yep just proved we are funding Lifestylers and an epic fail in the Mix Teams event proved it...back on the dole with you all.

Overall, you can see we did well but could have done better from sports that swallowed funding and coughed up little. The great shining light really did so brightly...Cycling. Along with Rowing and Athletics, Rio and Gold Coast look bright.

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