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We have our Eruedan and LA84 Medals for the Olympics. And the Sepp Blatter Trophy for the World Cup. It's about time the third most followed event* on GamesBids had its own set of forum awards.

I propose the following inaugural awards for the Commonwealth Games:


The Order of the Gold Corgi (First, Second and Third Class)

Established in Honour of the Games' Chief Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Long May She Reign, the Order of the Gold Corgi will be bestowed on the most memorable or favourite moment of the games, in Glasgow or on GamesBids. Nominate your favourite moment of the games, be it a memorable competition event or inspiring competitor, a striking venue or colourful spectator, a witty post or a clever observation.



The Kool-Aid Cup

In tribute of one who left his mark so indelibly on GamesBids' Commonwealth Games Forums, and fittingly to be first bestowed during the festivities in Glasgow, the Kool-Aid Cup is for the biggest face-palm moment of the Games on the field or in the threads. Nominate your favourite blunders, failures, villains and fools.

To get this one started, I nominate for the Kool-Aid Cup:

* The Scottish Team Ceremonies outfit.


and, in anticipation of the inevitable (and you can nominate me for this nomination if it doesn't happen), Tony E for "I'm going for England" and "England was robbed".

It would have been nice to have the Kool-Aids for Delhi. In retrospect, I nominate "Westerners have different standards of hygiene," by the deputy of the Delhi 2010 organising committee, Lalit Bhanot, for the 2010 Cup.

Post any nominations you want to make during the games, and we'll have our second favourite activity after arguing, a poll, at the end.

Oh, and I guess I better nominate Krow. For whatever.

* GamesBids event interest by ranking: 1. Olympic Games events and bidding; 2. World Cup events and bidding; 3. Commonwealth Games events and bidding; 4. Eurovision; 5. Academy Awards; 6. Miss Universe; 7. Other stuff. Source: Rollup Polling

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