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Krow joins British Olympic Association

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Only reason to post this really is the name:

BOA unveil krow communications as latest commercial partner in build-up to Rio 2016


Krow communications has been appointed Official Provider of the British Olympic Association (BOA) in the latest commercial appointment since the arrival of BOA chief executive Bill Sweeney last October.

A "creative and independent" London-based communications agency founded in 2005 by Barry Cook, John Quarrey, Malcolm White and Nick Hastings, krow are currently ranked in 20th position in the Campaign Top 100 Agencies list, and boast other clients including Fiat, Virgin Trains and Paypal.

As Official Provider of Strategic Marketing Communications, they will work with the BOA in the build-up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, where Great Britain will be looking to match their 65-medal haul from London 2012, which put them in third place on the medals table.

Their remit has been described as a "wide-ranging one", covering everything from brand strategy development and brand architecture to creative execution, fan engagement and brand partnerships.

"Following on from London 2012 and the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi earlier in the year, we have seen Team GB really come into its own as a well-known and well-loved brand," said BOA head of marketing, Leah Davis.

"With Rio on the horizon, now is the right time to look at how we capture that excitement and build our fan base for 2016.

"We are coming from a strong position - we are the fourth biggest sports brand on Facebook in the UK.

"We were really impressed by krow's approach on how they could support us in developing a long-term brand communications strategy for Team GB to grow our fanbase and strengthen our brand."
and more waffle that can be read at: Insidethegames

I guess the BOA wanted someone experienced in winning sweeps.

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they're just licensing the name at this point.

actually, i shouldn't say that. krow isn't a name, it's an attitude, a lifestyle. it's a brand. you live krow.

when you take someone's parking spot at the mall they've been waiting for, and just feel only a little bad, that's krow.

when you go to a memorial day barbeque and do not speak unless it is to make perfectly timed, witty comebacks while sipping gin and looking achingly bored, that's krow.

when you become the 4th largest facebook sports brand in the UK without even really trying except for like setting up the page i guess, that's krow too.

when you win sweeps just cause, psh who else even could?

you live krow. it's like that how beatles song goes: "krow is old krow is new; krow is all, krow is you."

it's an aspiration. new people PM me all the time like "oh how can i be more like you and be everyone's favorite poster without ever saying anything of actual substance?" and i'm all like, "a/s/l pics, plz." can't get any clearer than that.

*i should say that bitch at the mall totally had it coming.

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it really would be cost-effective on the hosts come to think about it. all you'd need is:

about 10 beach volleyball venues

aquatics center -- half size swimming pool, double diving

gymnastics center (lordy, do i have to watch the rings ALONE)

rowing lake

shooting (i am american)


water polo where it's abs-of-steel hungary vs. who-gives-a-**** every day

ski cross (well, it'd be nice)

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I question the long term effects of living la vida krow-ca...

true disciples in the murder of krow -- that's what i'm naming them, like i'm beyonce now -- wouldn't give no fucks. well, not outwardly at least. internally, they'd be panicking that longterm it could lead to cancer or sterilization or baronization or something.

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