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Rols, we'll make it up to you and make your life miserable in the lead up to the 2018 commonwealth games. Don't worry ;)

It's the Gold Coast - Tackytown Down Under. We Aussies will probably do a better job at that than you all will.

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Let's intervene in CBF first, uproot all that crap an then think about renewal.

That just sounds mentally unbalanced. Nationalistic fervor run off the rails.

As I said Danny, that's the price of hosting. Brazil is not being singled out or is an exception. With Sochi, nothing personal really heated up here, because we don't have many Russians, but over at

Danny, don't be too harsh on the outside world, OR yourself. Brazil has hosted a mavellous tournament and we have seen some shining stars come through and prove themselves.

Brazil has been a gracious host, filling the large stadiums for matches that wouldn't even get a mention elsewhere. Get the global audience all pumped up with that distinctive Brazillian carnival atmosphere. Yeah the national side didn't quite make it in the end and you have the right to be downcast, but overall be proud of what Brazil achieved here. This has been an unforgettable tournament, and hey we still got Rio16 to come.


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