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FIFA World Cup Match 62 Semi-Final Argentina vs Netherlands

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Battle of the Popes. Also, revenge for Italy '90, I guess.

Are u crazy??? I'll watch it and pray the lawd to Argentina get thrashed today. We need company in the bottom of the we'll, hermanos. Let's get together bottom of the well*

Hope this be a true match, with two teams of mens playing.

Oh, come on, that was funny. A little laugher should help dry yesterday's tears.

There were nice good jokes on facebook... But I'm still destroyed.

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Brazil is sponsored by Gol Airlines...

Joke on facebook: that's the airplane of Germany arriving in Rio



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why do british people say "the argentine" like we're in a 1930 e.m. forrester novel? it sounds ridiculous and they need to knock it off.

Goes back to Dawin and Fitzroy's day, when Argentina was still separate states.

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Dear god. Is as if neither of them wants to face Germany.

After what happened yesterday, I can't blame them. Even Cruyff said they deserve the cup. :lol:

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