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FIFA World Cup Match 61 Semi-Final Brazil vs Germany

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That's awful. A sporting defeat shouldn't change the pride Brazilians feel for their amazing country and its remarkable achievements.

It's hard to chin up after 7-0.

This team simply is not playing anymore.

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Even Sumi Jo is making jokes towards Brazil (even if she's from a country whose team pretty much reached the semis by cheating)

Just back from the rehearsal, what is this football score? 7:0.. #Germany vs #Brazil Shameful #Brazil #SoSad

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The riot pics are from months and years ago. Riots not occurring (for now?)

I hope there's no immediate connection... of course some will try, but I don't think there's room for that, at least till the end of the WC sunday.

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Is there a mercy rule in World Cup soccer, or is that just something for 8-year olds.

Lol it would help a lot!

Danny, at least now Belo Horizonte holds the Mineirazo title lol and Maracanã and Rio can breath for the next 50 years lol

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