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How do those things always square out so nicely? Wasn't the post-Games Village sales a bust? Isn't that what Greece (not Athens 2004) tried when it first applied to join the Eurozone--and until their cooked books were outted?

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Too bad Sochi came around and ruined the image of the winter olympics. Vancouver did such a great job, an example of how the winter olympics should be done. I hope Pyeongchang tries to follow its example more.

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So what happen to the loads of money that came in to the city? Where is the money that the City of Vancouver put in? So from the first day back in July 2003 to June 27, 2014 your debt free? And if people believe that BS well then you did and good job.

The VANOC accounting is a prelude to the even more ENTIRELY credible, unimpeachable Sochi accounting. ;) It'll be interesting to see when the Brazil 2014 books are revealed and the public outcry that will ensue as they put together the finishing touches for 2016.

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