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Rio de Janeiro 2016 Ceremonies.

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2 minutes ago, illustrado said:

well, ban ki moon talks about peace and laying down arms even olympics. 

plus the position of the sign was awkward when shown.

also the ring must shown 15 minutes from the start of the ceremony (unless the rings will be shown in the VTR)

plus a peace sign in the opening of the show look awkward.

Wednesday's final rehearsal might show a bit more ...

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Bar the floor projection, which I still have qualms about excessive use of it, I think we will all be pleasantly surprised by the ceremony come Friday. The photos so far show a very promising ceremony full of colour and uniquely Brazillian aesthetic and feel that is never seen before in any past Olympics. Very very excited now! :)

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Apparently it was reported that Gisele Bundchen will make an appearance by getting robbed while strutting down a street, then involving a police chase and it all ends in goodwill. Sounds like an interesting skit and great that the organiser is not shying away from the reality of Brazilian life!

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35 minutes ago, Rob. said:

Just finished watching the 'One Night In 2012' documentary that was on BBC last week. Now very much in Olympics mood.

Will decide on Friday if I'm awake enough to stay up and watch it live!

I love that the show really focus on the volunteers. Everything from their perspective. And indeed it should be. 

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It seems kids (The Niteroi children chorus, apparently) will sing the Olympic Anthem, much like in Beijing. I'm glad its not an instrumental version again like in London. 

They will sing it in english, though. I kinda hoped they would do it in Portuguese.

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