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Rio de Janeiro 2016 Ceremonies.

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A lot of people who were calling this a disaster these days are now apparently praising this ceremony. 

For what I saw...

It will be pretty much a summer version of Vancouver's opening. Lots of projections but also many good human performances.

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1 hour ago, Ikarus360 said:

London Opening also had the same issue, more or less (Pandemonium consumed most of the time). Also I think not everything was shown on today's rehearsal. 

For Toronto 2015 they kept the Donovan Bailey part secret, so I believe  will keep some of the secrets for the actual show. 

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Slighty dissapointed they missed a great oportunity to use these guys for the hoisting of the flags



Also, for the speeches, they will refer, once again like in Sochi, to Tomas Bach as the 1976 Olympic champion in fencing.

Like we give a damn for that russophile. <_<

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1 hour ago, AustralianFan said:

I disagree.    I think the international symbol of peace was deliberate and will remain as it is through the last rehearsal on wed and the OC on Frday. 

The peace symbol is very topical at the moment with all the conflict and was going on.  It linked into the video speech during the rehearsal by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who talks about peace and for arms to be laid down.

well, ban ki moon talks about peace and laying down arms even olympics. 

plus the position of the sign was awkward when shown.

also the ring must shown 15 minutes from the start of the ceremony (unless the rings will be shown in the VTR)

plus a peace sign in the opening of the show look awkward.

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