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Rio de Janeiro 2016 Ceremonies.

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4 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

No; they don't light the cauldron at Dress Rehearsals.  

I agree, they never light the Cauldron at dress rehearsals.  They usuually have separate late night rehearsals for the Cauldron.

I was just commenting I spotted it just spotted it earlier hanging there behind.

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5 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

There's NOTHING to see there.  It's mainly a rehearsal for the Marshals, more than anything else.  You don't have the actual athletes marching in.  

Lol, no they dont have actual athletes marching in during rehearsals.

Often they use volunteers, school children, community groups, etc to play the part of athletes for timing purposes

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Just now, neneu10 said:



Thanks Neneu10.


The Cauldron is clearly hanging there behind the big screen in this photo.

 I'm very surprised the organisers have not made much attempt to hide it. 

Still, waiting for the big moment in Friday's OC  is what I'm looking forward to.

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A lot of people who were calling this a disaster these days are now apparently praising this ceremony. 

For what I saw...

It will be pretty much a summer version of Vancouver's opening. Lots of projections but also many good human performances.

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