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According to TV Globo, ceremony starts at 20:00 and parade of nations at 20:40. So pretty much, just slighty shorter than London's. Athens artistic segment was also more or less 40-45 minutes.

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Who cares if performers are world famous or not? As long as they work for the show, in the moment, that's what matters most. These ceremonies are about cities showing the world the face THEY want

Omg guys, u need to sotp! It's boring how you're jugding the hole cerimony just by pictures. LETS RIO SHINE without yours negative comments. I'm loving everything, it's so colorful, so alive. They are

I watched quite a lot of the videos and pictures you guys thankfully posted here, and I must say, that I'm looking very much forward to the opening ceremony. What I have seen so far is surprisingly im


Give boos Michel Temer, Argentina and etc is ridiculous.

I hope that does not happen on Friday .

The compatriots who are present in Rio , please be polite and all those who are not educated at least pretend they are civilized for 4 hours . Let's show that we are as good as the developed world.

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1 minute ago, brasilolimpico said:


So far I have not seen the ' Rings Olympic '

The Olympic Rings will be formed by the athletes. As they enter they will be carrying plants to form a "forest" of sorts in the middle.

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1 minute ago, AustralianFan said:

umm , is the parade of nations still on ?

anyone know of an actve link ?


The Periscope link went down half an hour ago :P so we don't know anything yet. 

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