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Rio de Janeiro 2016 Ceremonies.

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4 hours ago, alphamale86 said:

I'm sad

I'm sorry to report guys as someone who works in tv Technology is the new art for the the audience the games are trying to connect with. it's all about the millennials now. the ones addicted to their phones, iPads and playstation. The ones that don't actually play sports but can program a toaster to do jumping jacks. The IOC and the various hosting committees of recent years like most organizations in the entertainment world have to figure a way to not only get young people in the coveted 18-35 yr old demographic but also to keep them. It's become increasingly hard now with competition not only from other tv programs but also the internet etc.


But the main business of the IOC is to conduct and promote international sport -- NOT how people get or gain access to the sports coverage.  How a millennial or a senior watches or pays attention to the sports coverage is really secondary.  I mean are they going to require smaller athletes so they would look proportional on your iPhone screen??  :blink:

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