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Rio de Janeiro 2016 Ceremonies.

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Government dismisses chief of protocol of the Olympics .

Palácio do Itamaraty iluminado com as cores da bandeira brasileira para a Olimpíada 2016

A week before the start of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to dismiss the chief of protocol, Ambassador Fernando Igreja, responsible for all the organization of the reception of heads of state of Rio 2016, for political reasons. According to sources consulted by Reuters, the ambassador was out of office to be seen as linked to the government of President Dilma Rousseff away, since it was the Foreign Ministry's ceremonial head for three and a half years and has clear sympathy for the previous government. The order was given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Serra, and Igreja was informed directly by the minister's office chief, Ambassador Julio Bitelli. However, a source heard on condition of anonymity revealed to Reuters that the decision left the Planalto Palace, coming from a minister of the senior. Church was not informed of the reasons for his departure. However, the same source says that the Igreja fell into the Presidential decision to withdraw from leadership positions anyone who shows sympathy by the previous government.


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And looks like we have our first organization problem with the Opening Ceremony. Long lines to enter the stadium when the Pre-Show already began


Also I think i'll be posting pics with the Spoiler tag from now on in order to avoid pissing certain people at this board.

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