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Rio de Janeiro 2016 Ceremonies.

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Pillow? That's a very weird name for a countdown segment. When I hear pillows the first thing that comes to my mind is that NHS segment from London.




The cable looks a bit reminiscing of Beijing's which they used mostly to lift those rings and the giant scroll.


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1 hour ago, neneu10 said:


Right, so it seems this ceremony will be keeping its cable-suspended elements fairly simple (if present at all- those could be for an overhead camera rig), and unless the Baron's suspicions about secret passages are correct, there won't be much emerging from underground.
 We have, on the other hand, seen quite a lot of different bib codes on the cast, suggesting a pretty complex use of human resources.

So- does anybody know if this is being filmed by Olympic Broadcasting Services, or by a specialist events firm like London?


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Officially confirmed Pele will be in the Opening, and he seems to be the favorite to light the cauldron.

For what I read in the SSC thread, the song "Aquele Abraco" (which was used in the handover and the logo unveiling) will be used in the opening segment, right after the "pillows" thing (countdown). The spoiler confirms Paulinho da Viola will perform the national anthem.  Before the Geometrization segment there will be a short one depicting pre-colonial Brazil with some natives.



Gloria Maria, brazilian journalist, reporter and presenter during the rehearsals. 


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5 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

Dang, so we already know the cauldron at Maracana!  So much for secrets.  

Sochi didn't try to hide the cauldron and if we truly look at it Sydney was the first one to truly have a we don't know what it looks like or how it would be lit till the last moment. Being and London as well but for the most part we always know what the cauldron looks like in advance. I'm interested in seeing the kinetic effect. How it moves and how they light it. I hat when fireworks light the cauldron a la Sochi, with one exception Torino, That was spectacular, But I find direct contact, in my opinion makes the entire torch relay worth it. Cause otherwise The priestess practiced for days lighting this damn light from the parabolic mirror, then you run all the way around the world guarding this flame and the flame doesn't even light the cauldron. I want Rio to do well with the OC I just have a feeling everything will go downhill after that.

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Failure? Only 45 heads of state in OC .



Missing 13 days to the start of the Olympics , 45 Heads of State and Government have confirmed to come to Rio de Janeiro to follow the Rio 2016 , according to Minister of Foreign Affairs , José Serra. He followed on Saturday morning ( 23) preparations for the ceremonial reception of world leaders at the Itamaraty Palace, in downtown Rio , and reaffirmed that security will be " tight " due to the recent terrorist attacks in the world. Among the confirmed names are the president of France , Francois Hollande and Prime Minister of Italy , Matteo Renzi . The presidents of Argentina , Mauricio Macri ; Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos; and Paraguay , Horacio Cartes , are also now confimados . In addition to the 45 Heads of Government and State , 55 other ministers of sport from various countries also confirmed the Brazilian government that will be in the city to hold the Olympics.



The heads of state will follow in Palace train to the Maracana.

I think the choice of Itamaraty an error .
The Palace is in the city center the security scheme will harm the traffic, on August 5 , the traffic Rio will need to be as free as possible for tourists.

I think the most sensible would host a reception at the Palace of Quinta da Boa Vista.

The Palace of Quinta da Boa Vista is only 1.5 km from the Maracana would be faster and easier shifting . The location of the insulation itself would be easier , since there is a large garden surrounded the park.


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1 hour ago, baron-pierreIV said:

Actually, just one afternoon -- the afternoon before dress rehearsal.  And the back-up flame is actually lit by assistants -- not the designated High Priestess.  

Meant to be a joke Baron lol, just saying a lot of preparation goes into it and the flame doesn't even touch  the cauldron

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