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And then, will they rip it apart for the Closing? Or perhaps build another stage for Closing (Like London had another stage layout for the Closing)? ...

From what I remember of the pics of the tunnels when they were being laid out, they were probably 8'-10' wide, so I'm sure the beams over those were sturdy enough to support turf PLUS the machinery necessary to layout/remove the turf. So I hope quite strong.

Sorry, what I meant was the layers of soil, gravel, sand etc. beneath the turf which make the pitch good to play on, and which would need to be protected from too much compression etc.

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Who cares if performers are world famous or not? As long as they work for the show, in the moment, that's what matters most. These ceremonies are about cities showing the world the face THEY want

Omg guys, u need to sotp! It's boring how you're jugding the hole cerimony just by pictures. LETS RIO SHINE without yours negative comments. I'm loving everything, it's so colorful, so alive. They are

I watched quite a lot of the videos and pictures you guys thankfully posted here, and I must say, that I'm looking very much forward to the opening ceremony. What I have seen so far is surprisingly im

For some reason it looks like there might be a tunnel here:


Maybe the athletes will come out of here? Seems like it will bottle neck if that's the case though.

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Such a remote comparison. What does it achieve in terms of a dynamic show?

Yes, you are right...I m just wondering about what kind of surprises (great surprises I hope) Rio will show us during the OC... ;)

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