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Oh man, trust me I understand.

Not on Nationalteam but on Club Football.


Because Swiss missed the target, but I'm sure Netherlands won't fail...


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Well, that result sure did suck. But I can't remember the last sporting event that had me on the edge of me seat like that. Well done USMNT. Tough way to go out, but way to fight until the very end

Peace and love to everyone, I'm off to have a drink after all this.

I believe it too!USA, USA, USA...US and A! Way to go, Coruscant!


Ok, heading to Salvador for USA vs. Belgium!!!


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Well, what should I say: as sweepstake Argentinean I say: YEAH, one step further to "kick" our northern neighbour into their butt...

It is a pitty that Switzerland didn't score - the 0:1 for Argentina doesn't say anything about the match - Argentina is not really a favourite anymore...

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