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Nor the rule for red, yellow cards... No, people here at my job are complaining a lot. Saying "if we play Germany or Netherlands, playing like this, we are fucked". We know exactly how limited is

Can we predict here, for the quarters? I bet it will be BRA X URU, FRA X GER, MEX X CRC, ARG X USA.

YEAH - Colombia!!!! (altough Uruguay has the better kit, but after the 'jaws' incident and the strange reaction from/in Uruguay I can't support it anymore) - and I support Danny's team!!!

^^ Wow, i'm not even mexican and I feel offended. And I thought yesterday's cover with Brazilians mocking chileans and giving them the flight numbers back to their country was bad. I mean, Spain has also a lot of racism but at least they're more sutile about it in their media.

Then again, it seems some Europeans are not very receptive of the ideals of multiculturalism as we are. ._.

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Holland and Costa Rica for me. Nothing against Mexico, but if the Dutch can find the kind of form they found against Spain there are few more exciting teams in this competition. Costa Rica is a great story already, and they've got a good footballing style, which is more than you can say of the Greeks.

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I think Holland and Costa Rica will go through. I want Holland and Greece to go through, but I think Holland and Costa Rica will go through. Holland are the Team I usually want to Win IF England are out and Greece are my sweepstakes Team. I reckon it will be:

Holland 3-1 Mexico at the Stadium Castelao, Fortaleza.

Costa Rica 2-1 Greece at the Arena Pernambuco, Recife.

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& goodbye to greece's dreamboat goalkeeper, karnezis. that penalty shootout could have gone on forever as far as i was concerned for all the closeups and long languid sighs i got to heave.


here he is in happier times, with me (out of frame), picnicking on the grass as we feed each other greek olives grown in california (so exotic) and make aimless travel plans... "oh, krowy poo, you've never seen corfu? it's so beautifully emotional, i must take you."... "oh, karney pie, you've never seen st. louis in august? it's so... architecturally functional."

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Bachelet delays trip to Washington to receive national football team

Chilean president Michelle Bachelet welcomed the national football team at Government House on Sunday afternoon thus delaying for a few hours her trip to the United States where on Monday she is scheduled to meet with President Barack Obama at the White House.

“These players are an example of strength, courage and grit” said the Chilean president who also gave a copper souvenir to each player, coach and members of the delegation that arrived from Belo Horizonte where they were eliminated from the World Cup following a knock-out match with host Brazil.

Thousands of Chilean fans turned out to receive the national team as it was driven from the Santiago airport to the La Moneda Palace where a crowd had also gathered in the square for the welcome.



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FIFA has picked Djamel Haimoudi to referee the United States vs. Belgium match in the World Cup round of 16 on Tuesday.

The Algerian referee has already refereed the Netherlands' 3-2 win over Australia and Costa Rica's 0-0 draw with England.

The final second-round match is played in Salvador.

FIFA says Argentina vs. Switzerland in Sao Paulo on Tuesday will be refereed by Jonas Eriksson of Sweden.

European referees will have handled four of the eight round of 16 matches including two involving teams from the continent.



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Greece players turn down World Cup bonuses, ask for a new training centre

Players of the Greece national football team have turned down their World Cup bonuses, and have asked their Prime Minister Antonis Samarasto use the money to build a team training centre instead.

In a letter to Greece Prime Minister Antonis Samaras signed by all of the 23-members of the team squad, they stated as quoted in the News Bomb, “We do not want extra bonus, or money. We only play for Greece and its people. All we want is for you to support our effort to find a land and create a sports center that will house our National team.”

Greece advanced to the Round of 16, a feat they had achieved for the first time in the tournament, however, succumbed to elimination following their defeat to Costa Rica on penalties on Sunday.


Greece were not the first team to have been offered a generous compensation for their performance in the ongoing tournament with both Cameroon and Ghana having already received their fair share of prize money.

Unlike Greece, the Ghana players had a different idea in mind as they threatened a strike after their government had failed to pay them the promised bonuses at first. However, they came through later, and had $3m (£1.8million) sent to Brazil to resolve the issue.


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KLM sorry for Mexico tweet after Dutch World Cup win


Dutch plane operator KLM has apologised for sending out a tweet from its official account making a joke of Mexico's defeat to the Netherlands at the World Cup.

Within minutes of Holland's 2-1 stoppage-time win, the firm published a picture of an airport departures sign under the heading Adios Amigos.

Next to the word Departures was a man with a moustache and sombrero.

The post went viral but was deleted shortly afterwards.

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal tweeted to tell his two million-plus followers that he would never fly with the carrier again and hundreds of other people complained.

"It was meant to be a joke but there was too much negative reaction," said KLM spokeswoman Lisette Ebeling Koning.

She added that the airline never intended to offend Mexicans, which it serves via a daily flight between Mexico City and Amsterdam.

KLM issued a formal apology late on Sunday.

"In the best of sportsmanship, we offer our heartfelt apologies to those who have been offended by the comment," said Marnix Fruitema, director general of KLM in North America.

Mexican national carrier AeroMexico broadcast its own response on Twitter in support of the country's football team under an arrivals sign.

"Thank you for this great championship," it said. "You've made us proud and we're waiting for you at home."


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