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Nor the rule for red, yellow cards... No, people here at my job are complaining a lot. Saying "if we play Germany or Netherlands, playing like this, we are fucked". We know exactly how limited is

Can we predict here, for the quarters? I bet it will be BRA X URU, FRA X GER, MEX X CRC, ARG X USA.

YEAH - Colombia!!!! (altough Uruguay has the better kit, but after the 'jaws' incident and the strange reaction from/in Uruguay I can't support it anymore) - and I support Danny's team!!!

No doubts, those guys from Colombia runs a lot, and our wings are slow as turtles...

But, I'm happy with Uruguay departing back home.

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Wellll...this is a turn for the books.

COL 2 - URG 0.

Colombia have been good. Uruguay without Suarez haven't. Did you see them vs Costa Rica? This isn't much of a surprise.

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I wonder if the Uruguains now realise the seriousness and consequences of Louis Suarez's actions a few days ago?

Somehow rather, from their reactions to his disgraced return home, I doubt it.

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