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FIFA World Cup Match Day 15 Live Chat

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Again Thanks for the Image made by Woo Hoo last day of the group stage I expect many people to be be on here. Will US and Germany battle it out or both play for a draw or will Portugal or Ghana make a miraculous comeback. And who will be The Group G winners opponents. It's going to be a great last day the end of the Group Stage under 2 and a half weeks to the Final!

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BTW Danny I never heard your experience from your 1 WC game you attended, How was it?

It was a marathon.

Left Sao Paulo at 8am and drove to Curitiba (6 hours through - deadly according German magazine - BR116 highway) and parked my car at Shopping Estação.

Had lunch there, spend some time walking around the mall and then went to Arena da Baixada by BRT (it took me only 5 minutes from mall to stadium). A 5 minutes walk from BRT station to the entrance of stadium was really funny. People from many countries laughing and chanting together for all nations and indeed Argentina (who was booed by many Brazilians - me included lol).


It took me no more than 3 minutes to queue and get my tickets checked and metal detector stuff.


The stadium is not big but is very comfortable. It smelled like new building.


Before getting to my seat I bought a mini-Brazuca ball, some keychains and other merchandise in one of the crowded official stores. Be sure, FIFA got a lot of money with merchandising selling in Brazil.

Now time for a coca-cola and get the customized cups for the match!!!


Got to my seat and stayed there until the end of the match. I was very tired (because of driving) and not willing to walk around for nothing, since we had to come back to the BRT, and there is a ramp up street to get there.

My seat vision


The match itself was very entertaining! Not the best football match I ever seen, but, since I wasn't rooting for any of both team, it was okay.

Ecuatorians were very funny! And I even got to chant with them: "Vamos, Ecuatorianos! Que esa noche, tenemos que ganar!" (Let's go, Ecuatorians, because this night, we must win!).


As I told, the match was very bad quality, 2-1 Ecuador winned. At I screamed Goalllll for both sides lol!


I loved the experience of attending an World Cup. My wife (if we stay married long, since we will have a big fight tomorrow) and I want to go to some World Cup abroad to root for Brazil. It's something unique.

Now looking for Olympic Games in Rio!

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I'm so enjoying this World Cup and more so Brazil absolutely getting in behind ALL the matches and ALL the teams, a classic case of a stadium of 203 million people!

At Half Time for the World Cup, well done!

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And finally Brazilians are getting thier revenge over all provocative chantings from Argentines against Brazilians.

Argentine, Argentine!

Tell me how is it:

Argentina have two cups

One less than Pelé!!!


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Fans planning to attend Thursday’s U.S.A. vs. Germany World Cup match may have a difficult time getting to Arena Pernambuco due to massive flooding.

The streets of Recife were underwater just hours before the pivotal game was scheduled to begin. The city has received nearly 3 inches of rain in the past 24 hours, according to CNN. Forecasters expect it willcontinue throughout the game and into the foreseeable future.

The game will begin as scheduled at 12 p.m. ET, according to FIFA.

Waterlogged fans and journalistsicon1.png have been posting pictures and venting about the ridiculous flooding on Twitter. Some of the shots are staggering.

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