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The "incident" during the ITA vs. URU match

The "incident"  

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  1. 1. What happened between Suárez and Chiellini?

    • Suárez bit Chiellini without purpose
    • Suárez bit Chiellini with purpose
    • Chiellini drove his shoulder into Suárez' upper jaw
    • There was nothing
  2. 2. What should the FIFA do?

    • Suárez should be banned for some matches and fined
    • Suárez should be banned for longer time and fined
    • Chiellini should be banned due his shoulder check...
    • Suárez should be fined
    • Chiellini shoud be fined
    • Nothing

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Whatever FIFA decides, I hope they do quickly and end this story as soon as possible.

Suarez should be banned for at least 6 months to a year and given an eye watering fine with immediate effect. The guy's an absolute nutter and he seriously needs to be taught a lesson!!

That is nearly the same what he has already said after Branislav Ivanovic - he should do a psychotherapy... It says a lot, that he can't confess that he bit him

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