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Only thing being talked about now on the news channel's sports sections is That Bite... Thanks to HD cameras they have been playing it over and over again. And you can see Suarez suddenly realize what he's done and quickly feign an injury. When confronted he retreats like a coward to the touchline holding his jaw.

I gotta feeling the ref and match officials knew this but dare not red card him for fear of a riot in the stadium.

I hope Fifa does something.

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What a biased video...

Messi 3 World Cups: 3 goals

Neymar 1 World Cup (3 matches): 4 goals

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A day passed and we are going to leave Brazil soon :( .

Almost same as 2006 happened at this world cup :ph34r: .

2006 Germany WC;Japan vs Australia 1-3,vs Croatia 0-0,vs Brazil 1-4.

2014 Brazil WC;Japan vs Ivory coast 1-2,vs Greece 0-0,vs Colombia 1-4

Okubo seemed to need more time to fit this team.All players looked very stern and the plays were dull throughout the match.The only good thing was a goal by Okazaki,that was excellent! The results were so bad but I do believe you can improve your football,skills and performances at 2018! :)

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Not overly shocked by Suarez's action. Chiellini isn't exactly known for being an extremely honest & straight, fair-play player anyway, and the video clearly shows he provokes Suarez first by putting his shoulder in his face.

Italy probably should remember that dirty game can play in her advantage (2006), just as much as it can sink her. I'm sorry for that unfortunate twist of fate, but my eyes are surprinsingly dry at their defeat. :)

That said, Uruguay won fair and with a beautiful goal, I hope Suarez doesn't get too big a sanction so that the chances of a deserving team aren't harmed too much.

Brazil's doing amazing at organizing this colorful wc home, and I can't wait to see the US tomorrow...a fast and very refreshing team.

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