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Does this game exist?

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Hi everybody.

I don´t know if this is the right forum, but i give it a try. On this page we discuss the Olympics and other sporting events. And then i thought, does there excist a computergame where you are running a city, and have the option to try and win sportsevents to your town, and where you have to host it, build venues, and try to get the economy to Work and such stuff. The game Sim City could perhaps drag this in to the game? So you can build sporting stadiums in much different Things for an example. Or perhaps just a game where you have to plan the details of a Olympic game? Or something like this at all?

It could be fun :)

Kindly regards

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Why don't you suggest an Olympic Expansion Pack to Maxis (developer of SimCity)? Maybe if we all contribute the ideas in separate emails accounts, Maxis would consider it. Should the process only include the planning or should it also include the domestic process (city vs city in region) and IOC voting (region vs region[you can pit your different regions against eachother or have randomly generated ones])? It would be really interesting because SimCity's "new" GlassBox engine can allow you to see , visually, the mass of people, the effects, requirements, etc.

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