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FIFA World Cup: Day 5 Live Chat

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And yet again, our national team shows football magic after quite a draught in the past months. This was a great performance, and a very deserved victory, also in that extent. Of course it could be a lot different in the matches to come, and neither Ghana nor the USA shouldn't be taken too easily. But at least I'm confident even more now that if fate allows and our team doesn't lose strength and confidence massively, it can go far, possibly very far in this tournament. The team showed its will to show its power and to gain a title yet again in this match, and this is a very good basis to build on for the rest of the tournament.

And regarding the Pepe/Müller incident: Müller's reaction was absolutely normal and understandable, Pepe's gesture after the foul was absolutely disgraceful and unsportsmanlike, and that was an absolutely deserved red card. Any other player in Müller's place would have reacted angrily, and rightfully so. Actually, it's a shame that Portugal showed such little class and committed so many fouls already at a time when they stood a bigger chance of turning the match around again.

In any case, this is a highly exciting World Cup so far, with minor exceptions. It seems to become what I had always hoped for a World Cup staged by a legendary football nation like Brazil: A festival of football. I'm very happy especially for the Brazilians who had to suffer under the preparations for this tournament that this World Cup could at least leave such a highly positive impression on people all over the world and show off what a great host Brazil is.

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Yes, Peter II, the son of Portugal king said "Independence or death!!!" in 1822, nobody cared much, his father said "oh, fine"... And Brazil got its independence and Peter became the only "Emperor" of the Americas.

After losing Cisplatina province (now the country of Uruguay), Peter went back to Portugal and became Peter IV, king of Portugal...

Yeah, crazy history.

This is true!

At that battle, Portugal lost 3-0 too and had more injured players than today.

And red card for all its citizens...



Goal average increasing!!!

It was actually Peter I of Brazil who declared the indepedence. He did it with the support of the local elite, who did not enjoy much the request from the Portuguese liberals to return Brazil to a colonial status.

The declaration of independence was seen by some historians as a ploy to later restablish a unified Portuguese empire. Since Peter was the rightful heir of the Portuguese throne, he could claim it once his father died. According to this historians, his father engineered this ploy, which would be an evidence that John VI was not the idiotic figure normally portrayed in history books.

The problem was that Peter turned his back on the local elite and his brother Michael, insulflated by his mother Carlota Joaquina, promoted a coup d´etat in Portugal and was crowned king.

When Peter lost the support of the local elite he ended up resigning from his Brazilian crown and fleeing to Portugal to fight his brother and became King Peter IV of Portugal.

After his death his son Peter, became Emperor Peter II of Brazil and his daughter Maria became the Queen of Portugal. From then on, the Bragança dynasty had split lines of succession in Brazil and Portugal, ruining the original plan to unify the former Portuguese empire.

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On the other side, the japanese fans don't leave the stadium until the area is clean.

There are almost no trash boxes in Japan;stations,office buildings,department stores,parks,theaters,stadiums,etc.Since gas attack by a cult group(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aum_Shinrikyo) in Tokyo in 1995,almost all trash boxes have been removed from public spaces.So we naturally and normally pick up trash and bring them back home as much as possible.

Both Muller & Pepe should've been off. No place for either behaviour in football :angry:

I don't think so. It was a little bit shameful of Muller that he acted or appealed exaggeratedly,but remember Pepe's revenge,a headbutt and he seemed to have said something bad to Muller.That was really stupid and ugly deed and red card for him was appropriate.

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Too bad our German coach told us he can't coach this US team to a WC victory, maybe at least Portugal is creating a path out of the group, something I didn't count on very strongly before seeing great teams implode like today and with Spain. Anything can happen I guess.

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Ghana v USA

this should be good and hopefully give us a result after the yawn fest that ended half an hour ago.

I'll back US and A for this as they are weaker and barracking for the underdog is a good thing.:)

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