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FIFA World Cup Match 3 Live Chat

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BTW those that were just watching the match I asking what people think about the Match day threads the options are

1.Same way we're doing

2.One Thread per day(Everyone asked has answered this way)

3.use the specific group threads


What do you guys think

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No, we can have threads for the evwry single stage: R16, quarters

I'm so happy Spain was trashed out!!!

Spanyards had been so arrogant and said a lot of sheet about Brazil, about Curitiba...

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What about critical or highly anticipated matches? Like today...ESP v NED was a grudge match and look what happened. Worthy of its own thread.

Like I said I'm out of town at camp till the day the knockout stages start. I most likely will have no service to sneak my phone to post so I will make per day Threads till sunday when I have internet access for a few hours and then can make the rest . If one of you wants to help or you want to make a thread for a specific match no problem. The real problem is having a specific thread for matches no one really cares about like Chile vs Australia

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