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FIFA World Cup Opening Match Live Chat

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Now I discovered that the ceremony was made by Belgians. Why? The ceremony of the Confederations Cup was much better and was made by Brazilians. Why they doubt of our ability? Rosa Magalhães made ​​a beautiful ceremony for Rio 2007 and in 2016 we will have an Italian.

Just got back from my trip so I am just catching up on WC stuff. Didn't have much access to the internet, etc., as I was on the go. Have just watched the OC. Nice, colorful OC; reflects the diversity of Brazil. Some spectacular costumes. It's just too bad that (1) the stadium was only half-full; and (2) it's held during the daylight so all the colors and drama are just splattered and washed out -- even on HDTV. The acoustics were terrible. You couldn't understand what Lopez, Claudinha (who was prettier than Lopez) and the guy were singing...other than "Brazil, Brazil."

I wonder how much they paid Jennifer Lopez to have her wait under that globe for like 25 minutes; shave her armpits and then sing for just like 5 minutes?? It would've made a great highlight for her and Claudinha to have a hair-pulling catfight! LOL!! Overall, the OC was good and enjoyable considering the limitations of the event.

Am hoping the Closing will be as good as South Africa's and of course, that 2016 will be a knockout.

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