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Fantasy Bidding Competition: 2026 FIFA World Cup

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It’s been a few weeks since the last attempt at a failed fantasy competition on this board and now that things have a bit cooled off, I think it would be cool if we started a new competition, something simple, that doesn’t demand too much work and with simple rules.

And because the World Cup is approaching and that kind of fantasy bids has almost never been done on this forum, I got the idea to start a competition where we would vote for the best fantasy bid to host the 2026 World Cup (I wanted to do it for the 2022 World Cup with an “ideal host” to replace Qatar, but the temptation to reuse the real bids who lost would have been too strong).


The rules are simple as I said. You must provide a bid book (PDF format) that includes the following information:

  • An introduction with the presentation of the bid, motivation of the country, why it would be a great host, the concept of the bid etc.

  • The list of stadiums to be used during the competition, with their capacity. I know FIFA requests very complicated conditions to be fulfilled, making the number of seats during the competition smaller than the actual capacity of the stadium, let’s ignore that and use the official “normal” seating capacity of the stadium (no standing room). The number of stadiums should be between 10 (based of previous hosts) and 16 (you can use more but I don’t see the point and that wouldn’t be realistic). I advise you to use no more than 2 stadiums per city and spread the tournament as much as possible. Also provide information about transportation (airports, train stations in each host city)

Minimum capacity for the stadiums:

· 40,000 seats for group stage, 1/8 finals, ¼ finals and the 3rd place game

· 60,000 seats for ½ finals and the opening game

· 80,000 for the final

  • Information about which games each stadium is gonna host (group stage, 1/8 finals, ¼ finals, ½ finals, 3rd place match, final).

  • The location of the preliminary and final draws (a convention centre, a large theatre, an indoor arena etc.), of the International Broadcasting Centre (a large exhibition centre in a big city, with at least 50,000 sqm of space). You can also provide the location of the Kick-Off concert but it’s not mandatory (the only time there was an actual kick-off concert was in 2010)

  • Of course provide pictures of the various stadiums and venues.

  • As the host nation of the World Cup is also supposed to host the Confederations Cup the previous year, provide a list of stadiums (4 to 6) to host the competition, as well as details about the games each stadium is gonna host (group stage, ½ finals, 3rd place game, final, opening game)

If you create a logo for your bid, include the mention “FIFA World Cup Bidding Nation” to make it more realistic.

The following countries are ineligible, as they hosted recently or are about to host: Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Qatar.

Joint bids are allowed.

That’s all for the required information.

You can add other elements if you want to, like a more detailed match schedule and the kick-off time for each game (don’t forget that Europe is the biggest football market in the world), locations of the FIFA Fan Fests etc.

FIFA doesn’t allow corporate-sponsored name on stadiums, so you can provide a temporary name to be used during the tournament (but it’s not mandatory)

I hope the rules are clear for everyone. You can upload your bid book by using a file uploader or by sending it to me by mail if you don’t know how to upload a file (just PM me and I’ll give you my address).

Let’s say the deadline to submit a bid is July 6th at 23:59 GMT (with the possibility to expand it for late entrants)

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The field of candidates is starting to look good! I just hope no one bails before the deadline or fails to deliver :ph34r:

And here is Canada's official bid logo, both in English and in French, along with the official bid slogan:


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SPORT - via www.heraldsun.com.au

Australia to bid on the 2026 FIFA World Cup.


After several weeks of rumors, Football Federation Australia CEO David Gallop has confirmed Australia's bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup following reforms within the governing body of Association Football Fédération Internationale de Football Association/International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) which has effectively eliminated completely the continental rotation policy, allowing any FIFA member to bid to stage the World Cup.
This is not Australia's first attempt to host the coveted tournament, as Australia made a failed bid to host either the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, which were ultimately awarded to Russia and Qatar respectively. After FIFA gave instructions that 2018 would be awarded to Europe, Australia faced Qatar, The United States of America, Japan and Korea to vie for the 2022 tournament. Australia unfortunately came last in the round of voting, gathering only 1 vote and being eliminated in the first round. Numerous key issues were plagued by the Australian bid, including quality of venues, potential schedule clashes with other sporting codes, remoteness and transport issues. Some have alleged that Qatar did not rightfully win their bid to stage the tournament amidst corruption allegations between Qatar Football Association (QFA) and FIFA.

"This time we're coming back stronger!", said FFA CEO David Gallop in a press conference at the Australian Institute of Sports in Canberra during the bid logo unveiling ceremony. David Gallop hinted at a legacy World Cup where all State and Territory Capitals would serve as host cities alongside several regional cities, hinting at the possibility of Darwin and Hobart being included in the 2026 bid and getting legacy new stadiums as a result of hosting the World Cup. David Gallop further cited emphasis on a transport plan and providing as many FIFA compliant field dimensions as possible - key aspects which plagued the trouble 2022 bid campaign. He also provided insight into a Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian Football League (AFL), National Rugby League (NRL) and the FFA, similar, yet more expanded than that signed for the 2022 bid. World Cup stadiums would be for World Cup only use for a period of 8 weeks, which includes 3 weeks of preparatory in the leadup to the tournament, being used for 4 weeks in the tournament itself and 1 week post tournament for any necessary reconfiguration(s) for the other football codes. In addition to this, the other sporting codes will cease operations during the World Cup, allowing for the sole focus to be on the tournament. A further agreement has been made by the other football codes to permit them to stage season matches outside of Australia, during the World Cup, should they choose to do so.

Australia 2026 FIFA World Cup Bid Logo.


"The connotations are clear and obvious", said David Gallop, referring to the use of Aboriginal dot patterns and colours forming a foot ball, as well as the use of the Australian sporting colours of Green and Gold. The playful font evokes the laid back nature of sports mad Australia, which also includes the official motto, in both English and French. "FOOTY. INSPIRATION. FRIENDSHIP. AUSTRALIA. - INSPIRATION. FRATERNITÈ. AUSTRALIE. FOOTY." - Which give FIFA and IFAF respectively, which are the abbreviations for Fédération Internationale de Football Association and it's English spelling International Federation of Association Football. "This logo is far more concise and mature than the 2018/2022 one and our motto is very clever", said David Gallop.

Australia is currently facing confirmed bids from Canada, The United States of America, a regional West Indies bid and a joint bid from Thailand and Vietnam to stage the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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I think people are already doing both countries.

I was referring to real life, which I assume olympiaki-agones was going towards as this is a fantasy bid race and olympiaki-agones wanted to "see" Australia (which cannot bid) or Canada host.

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