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UEFA Champions League Final Live Chat

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Looking forward to this match up. Real's demolition of Bayern in the first half of that match was one of the most impressive things I've seen on a football pitch for a long while, but Atletico have kept out some very good teams and are now Spanish Champions.

Regarding Atletico as underdogs, it's hard to romanticise a club who are hundreds of millions of pounds in debt and have squirmed out of paying tax in a tanking economy for years. And Real have advantages few other clubs in Europe can claim as well...


All that grubbiness aside, I hope we get a good match and Real leave their play-acting at home in Madrid - the only aspect of their game which isn't breathtakingingly brilliant. I want some magic from Ronaldo and Bale, some brilliant counter attacks like we saw at the Allianz.

Not a great fan of either club. Hope football wins out. Lots of goals please, not a match of attrition.

(like the live ceremonies threads, I think I'll be too busy watching to post...might be around at h/t though)

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Well. I guess we couldn't have an all-Spanish final without some prissy tantrums.

But Real deserved that really. Atletico could never really rely on just one goal, and were lucky not to lose in normal time.

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