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Plus it sounds kinda dull. What if you allow one member of an opposing team to be on the ice with you. They can't actually touch any skaters, but can try to mess with their routines. Then maybe you've got something.

Or maybe you allow both teams on the ice at the same time. And you not only allow them to run into each other, you give them sticks. They to get rid of all the problems with judging, you put something on the ice for them to hit with their sticks. And goals to hit the thing into. Now we are really talking.

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The US Snowboard federation wrote to the FIS asking for it to consider adding big air and team snowboardcross. The FIS was supposed to make a decision two weeks ago at its congress, but no word on what they decided on.

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  1. Downhill Ice Cross (downhill skating, similar to Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross)
  2. Synchronized Skating (8-20 skaters on a team)
  3. Ice Climbing
  4. Acroski (also called Ski Ballet, was a Freestyle Skiing discipline)
  5. Skibobbing (a bicycle-type frame attached to skis)
  6. Skiboarding (combined of Skating, Snowboarding and Skiing)
  7. Ski Mountaineering (combined of Telemark, Alpine and Backcountry Skiing)
  8. Ski Orienteering (combined with physical endurance, strength and technical skiing skills)
  9. Bandy (associated with Football and Ice Hockey)
  10. Broomball (played in a hockey rink)
  11. Snowshoeing (footwear for walking or running over the snow)
  12. Snowbiking (Cycling on snow)
  13. Ski Archery (similar to the Biathlon, used a bow instead of a gun)
  14. Winter Triathlon (involving running, biking and skiing)
  15. Snow Rugby
  16. Wok Racing (used woks running down on a Bobsled track)
  17. Ice Stock (similar to Curling)
  18. Others

What are you ideal future Winter Olympic Sports?

Broomball is a real sport? I remember play broomball in high school in youth group. It was a way to get everybody to look stupid falling on our asses chasing a plastic ball.

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