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Commonwealth Games that never were: what were your cities?

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As with the the Olympic version of the question. Lets see how the Commonwealth Games would've panned out if the CGF chose otherwise or taken the risk?.

1990 - New Delhi, the smaller version of the games would've suited the still developing country.

2006 - Cape Town, just tick the SA box off.

2014 - Halifax, but imagine what GB Forums would be like?

2018 - Auckland, a shoe in but central government got toey, but really would've been the last time.

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I am happy with the hosts up to 2018. i think from 1990 to 2010 we had a good rotation of Commonwealth countries.

2018 I would have preferred in Auckland

2022 - South Africa

2026 - Cardiff

2030 - Toronto

2034 - Sydney

2038 - Singapore

2042 - London

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More going for the other cities that had failed bid attempts...goodness knows how many games of the future pages we have here..of course if there is still a Commonwealth.

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