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Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Coverage

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UK TV Schedule.

1. Brazil vs Chile BBC

2. Germany vs Algeria ITV

3. Argentina vs Swiz BBC

4. Holland vs Mexico ITV

5. France vs Nigeria BBC

6. Colombia v Uruguay ITV

7. Belgium vs USA BBC

8. Costa rica vs Greece ITV

BBC Studio - Looks stunning in the night


ARD - Germany


Edit: Sorry, channel is ZDF.

The BBC studio looks amazing at night, but ITVs beach side studios are just too tempting...I think someond lobbed a beer bottle at them in the earlier matches?

What's her name?

Ines Sainz. :rolleyes:

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I loved those studios!

Wondering what broadcasters will prepare for Rio 2016!!!

I think you're pretty much looking at them. I'd say some long term leases had been negotiated beforehand. These are real hotspots.

Bikinis and all!

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USA-Germany: ESPN’s Second Highest-Rated Men’s World Cup Match Ever & Record Viewership on WatchESPN
  • Combined TV, Digital and Audio Coverage Posts Average Minute Audience Over 12 Million
  • ESPN Telecast Averages 6.7 US HH Rating and 10,771,000 Viewers
  • Match Generates WatchESPN Viewership Records, Provides 10 percent Lift to TV
  • Significant Viewership Growth Leads ESPN to its Most-Viewed and Highest-Rated Group Play Ever
  • Washington, D.C.; New York and San Francisco Highest-Rated Thru 48 Group Play Matches

ESPN’s coverage of the United States’ 1-0 loss to Germany in the final day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup group play – Thursday, June 26, at noon ET – generated an average minute audience of more than 12 million people across ESPN’s television, digital and audio platforms.
  • ESPN’s telecast averaged a 6.7 US HH rating and 10,771,000 viewers, making it the second highest-rated, and third most-viewed, men’s World Cup match on ESPN or ESPN2 ever. ESPN’s highest-rated World Cup match – a 9.6 US HH rating for the 2014 USA vs. Portugal contest on Sunday, June 22 – is also the most-viewed soccer match across all US television networks, averaging 18,220,000 viewers. ESPN’s second most-viewed men’s World Cup match – USA vs. Ghana on Monday, June 16, 2014 – averaged 11,093,000 viewers and a 6.3 US HH rating.
  • The match also garnered multiple audience records for WatchESPN, adding an additional 1,050,000 viewers in the average minute audience to ESPN’s telecast. Overall, the WatchESPN coverage had 3,200,000 unique viewers and 143,000,000 live minutes viewed. This accounted for a 10 percent lift to ESPN’s English-language TV audience
  • The telecast also ranks as ESPN’s most-viewed weekday, non-holiday, afternoon program on record.
  • At its highest point, ESPN’s telecast averaged 12,055,000 viewers and a 7.7 US HH rating from 1:30 to 2 p.m. WatchESPN’s peak of 1,700,000 concurrent users set a record for the platform.
  • In addition to television and digital, the USA vs. Germany match generated an estimated audio streaming average minute audience of 239,300.
  • In addition, ESPN.com and ESPNFC.com, led by Thursday’s World Cup matches, set platform records for unique visitors in one day, hitting 19,500,000 and 7,800,000, respectively.
ESPN Posts its Largest Audiences for Group Play Ever

Overall, ESPN has generated its largest viewership for the 48 opening round World Cup matches ever, averaging 3,540,000 viewers and 2.2 US HH rating for ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC telecasts combined. The 2014 averages also marks significant increases over ESPN’s opening round telecasts in 2010 and 2006: 46 percent and 109 percent (vs. 2,429,000 viewers in 2010 and 1,691,000 in 2006), and 38 percent and 83 percent (vs. 1.6 rating in 2010 and 1.2 in 2006), respectively.

In addition, ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC have posted significant audience increases in every key people and male demographic, highlighted by double-digit growth in the 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54 categories.
WatchESPN, ESPN.com and ESPNFC.Com Growth Over 2010

WatchESPN is averaging 737,000 viewers and 31,100,000 minutes watched through 48 World Cup matches for increases of 149 percent and 143 percent, respectively. Additional digital highlights:
  • ESPNFC.com is also generating significant usage increases, averaging 4,700,000 daily unique visitors for a 35 percent increase over 2010 and 5,700,000 video starts per day for a 854 percent increase.
  • ESPN.com is seeing 13,700,000 average daily unique visitors (a 38 percent increase from 2010) and 12,800,000 video starts per day (up 170 percent).
  • The
    app is averaging 3,800,000 daily unique visitors for a 403 percent over 2010
Metered Markets

New York led all markets for ESPN’s USA vs. Germany telecast with a 9.7 rating, followed by San Diego (8.6), Sacramento (8.3), Seattle/Tacoma (8.1), Orlando (8.1), Baltimore (8.1), Columbus (8.1), West Palm Beach (7.9), Providence (7.6), San Francisco (7.2) and Austin (7.2).

Overall, Washington, D.C., continues to lead all markets for matches on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC through the 48 Group Play matches with a 4.0 average rating, followed by New York (3.7), San Francisco (3.5), Orlando (3.1), Los Angeles (3.1), Hartford/New Haven (3.1), San Diego (3.0), West Palm Beach (2.9), Miami/Fort Lauderdale (2.9), Richmond (2.9), Atlanta (2.9), Boston (2.9) and Columbus (2.9).
Upcoming ESPN World Cup Coverage

ESPN’s month-long coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil moves to the knockout stages, beginning Saturday, June 28
with a pair of Round of 16 matches on ABC and WATCH ABC: Brazil vs. Chile (11:30 a.m. ET) and Colombia vs. Uruguay (3:30 p.m. ET). ESPN’s coverage of the United States vs. Belgium on Tuesday, July 1, will begin at 3:30 p.m. ET.

That is all.

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TVNZ just finished doing a report on "diving" at the WC so far...up to two hours of time wasting with false tackles. This was the result of yesterday's blatant cheating in the Mexico v Netherlands. In which Robbin dived causing a penalty against Mexico.

I now hope Netherlands are defeated in the QFs...typical dirty dutchmen!

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World Cup Sets Facebook Record With Billion Interactions

The FIFA World Cup is the most talked about event in Facebook (FBFACEBOOK INC.

) history with over one billion interactions so far, the social network has announced. Tallying likes, comments, and related posts, 220 million users have helped the global soccer tournament set the record.

“Facebook’s data editors have never measured an event — sports or otherwise — that has topped a billion interactions,” said Facebook’s blog post.

The milestone was reached on June 29th after tracking began at the tournament commencement on June 12th. The World Cup still has nearly two weeks left, with the final game scheduled for July 13th.

Every four years, the World Cup is celebrated as an international challenge between the best soccer teams. One of the most popular global sports, the games attract a lot of attention, especially in South America and Europe.

The most-buzzed about event was the opening game between Brazil and Croatia with 58 million people generating 140 million interactions. 31 million people participated in the conversation surrounding Saturday’s match between Brazil and Chile, generating 75 million interactions.

There are twelve teams still competing for this year’s championship, including the United States. The odds are on Brazil’s home team, with a 41% chance of winning the whole tournament, according to predictions from FiveThirtyEight.



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Am gonna miss the McDonald's Gol promo ad with everyone showing their ball handling skills, especially the girl in the little black dress, such a good ad.."oh by gosh by gee, you're the one for meeeee"!

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TVNZ just finished doing a report on "diving" at the WC so far...up to two hours of time wasting with false tackles. This was the result of yesterday's blatant cheating in the Mexico v Netherlands. In which Robbin dived causing a penalty against Mexico.

I now hope Netherlands are defeated in the QFs...typical dirty dutchmen!

It is neither here nor there if Robben went down theatrically. The Laws of the Game are clear and were applied correctly. You cannot trip NOR attempt to trip in the box. The foul will result in a penalty. Contact was made when Marquez put out his leg in an attempt to impede an attacking players position on goal. Look at Marquez's reaction. He knew it was a dumb foul.

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Its starting to "slow down" already with the long gaps in between Qs and Semis...yeah I'm gonna miss it for a week, just like an Olympic and CWGs comedown. :(

At lest NZ hosts the U20 version next year :)

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Been away for a while due to important things like a new job. But Sagacious' new link on how the Brazilian newspapers' various ways of disappointment, shock, anger, humiliation, and sadness across the nation reacting to the stunning 7-1 to Germany's Nationalmannschaft--and all the dispirting morgue-like dejected reactions from fans--during the mo(u)rning after certainly is worthy of attention here:


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Oh, 12 German newspapers' reactions to the 7-1 win:


I guess it must be a great feeling to be German today! ;)

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Sure is.

Back to the Brazilian mou(0)rning the day after. Globo TV/SporTV reporter Fernanda Gentil could barely hold back her emotions following the humiliating loss at the Selecao's World Cup headquarters in Teresopolis live on Fatima Bernandes' show:


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New German TV record: 32.57 million watched the 7-1 World Cup sensation

TV One footballing sensation ensures a ratings sensation: 32.57 million fans have seen the 7:1 of the German team against Brazil on Tuesday - never before achieved on a TV program in this country so many viewers. The previous record from the 2010 World Cup was clearly topped.


Independent report


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