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Nagoya 1988 Failed Bid


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Has anyone got any pictures of the venues that were used in Nagoya's failed bid for the 1988 games? I've been looking for ages and have not found anything.

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Unfortunately no. I don't think I've saved it anywhere and can't locate it in internet either. I think you have as good a chance of finding it as I do if it still exists, just try to think some search words for Google.

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Nagoya 1988 IOC Submission


Article on the election for the 1988 host


Brief article on Nagoya's bid


I've made them downloadable - click 'Share' at the bottom and then download.

And here is the only stadium pic I have found... (featured in the third doc)


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The stadium reminds me a lot of what was done in Hiroshima for the 1994 Asian Games (but with the crescent moon-like roof of the current stadium in Osaka). I wouldn't be surprised if they recycled that model for the Asiad.

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I know this is necroposting but here is some material I found in Youtube from the failed Nagoya's bid.

This song which was apparently used for the Campaign back in 1981

Another song used for the campaign, this one seems to use an Enka-folk style by Haruo Minami (He also sang the 1964 Tokyo Olympics theme song)



Radio broadcast which seems to be the live announcement of the Host city during the IOC Session in Baden Baden


Japanese news report shortly after the election of Seoul as the host city of the games. First minutes show how the campaign headquarters seem to be dismantled. Kind of sad. It also shows Calgary's being picked for the 1988 Winter Games



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